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Petite Fashion Challenge #2: Wear It Now, Wear It Later

30 Sep

The challenge:

In honor of the fast approaching cool, fall weather, what better way to get ready than to find ways to make your wardrobe do double duty. Pick at least one item in your closet (not jeans, that’s too easy!), and create two outfits, one for spring/summer, and one for fall/winter.

Oh boy. I get so excited about these challenges, but when push comes to shove, I err on the side of neutrals.

Most of my clothes do double duty already so I don’t have many strictly seasonal clothes, not that LA seasons are very dynamic. Still, I wanted to give it a try and show how my clothes can work for warmer and cooler weather.

For this challenge, I picked a cream-colored silk blouse.

I had to break my shopping ban to pick up this top from the Alexa Chung collection for Madewell. It was too pretty to pass up and I’ve been dreaming of a great silk blouse for the longest time. Even though this is a relatively easy staple item, I figured I would dress it up in a way that is a play on menswear.

Summer Outfit – Wear Now

Outfit Details: Alexa Chung for Madewell silk blouse – XS, Banana Republic shorts – 4, American Eagle belt, DIY necklace (friend’s gift), Steve Madden Tuxxedo oxford flats

The color of the blouse doesn’t exactly scream summer, but the billowy top is great for warmer days. Paired with some high-waisted shorts, it adds that vintage kick that I want.

I don’t usually wear short shorts unless it’s over 90 degrees like it is currently. Instead, I usually wear mom shorts…literally. It’s kind of crazy how ridiculous size inflation has become since these shorts from Banana Republic are size 4 and I can barely fit into the 00 now.

The oxford flats adds that menswear inspired element that makes the look very contemporary.

Autumn Outfit – Wear Later

Outfit Details: Alexa Chung for Madewell silk blouse – XS, Madewell skinny jeans – 24, Bitten by SJP vest – S, Free People watch pendant, Corso Como boots

As a transitional outfit into Fall, I switched out the shorts for pants and donned on my riding boots. For additional warmth, I added a corduroy vest for texture. Equestrian no?

Outfit Details: Alexa Chung for Madewell silk blouse – XS, Bitten by SJP vest – S, Banana Republic Martin plaid trousers – 0P, Zara faux suede blazer-XS,  Dolce & Gabbana pumps

In Autumn, layering is a common occurrence, so adding a blazer paired with the vest gives it a strong masculine edge. But the overall look is clearly feminine and it’s a great work outfit too.

Simple, easy, and stylish.

What do you think?


Memories of Summer

31 Aug

Last year, my summer memories were mostly about food.

This year, it’s about people.

I did more free local things instead of elite VIP events. In a way, I’m starting to understand how I fit into the bigger context of the city. You don’t need to travel to exotic locations to re-orient yourself, just go to a different part of town.

I discovered that LA is a world within a city.

There’s the glamorous side of LA with the celebrities, the parties, and the symbols of wealth. But there’s also the invisible side of LA filled with suffering, struggle, and poverty.

There are people every day trying to get by, trying to be the next big thing, and trying to just be.

When I look at these photos, I wonder about the people in them.

Who are they? What are their lives like?

How did they end up in Los Angeles?

This little exercise puts everything into perspective and helps me realize that my no-shopping ban is trivial compared to what some of these people must worry about on a daily basis.

The Look: The Romper

22 Jul

The romper, the jumpsuit, and the playsuit have been a summer staple for quite some time but there’s always mixed emotions about them. Some say they’re too childish, outlandish, or just plain weird.

For me, I think it depends on the style and cut of the romper that can make or break it. It took me quite some time to find a romper that I really loved and even when I purchased it on clearance in the middle of winter, I wasn’t sure if I’d still like come summer.  But once I pulled it out, I fell in love with it all over again.

Though it’s not supposed to be wrinkly, I love the texture that is added to the garment, it makes it more distinctive.

Outfit Details: Mike & Chris silk romper – XS, Forever 21 bangles, random chandelier earrings, Charles David Awaken wedges

Instead of making this romper beach casual (with flip flops + fedora), I wanted to dress it up so I could wear it out for dinner near the beach.

Bandages Anyone?

15 Jun

I was cleaning out my inspiration folder and I came across this photo of Michelle Williams. I love her outfit and I adore her bandage skirt. It’s different yet flattering, but I can’t figure out where it’s from!


I have a bandage skirt of my own, but I don’t wear it very often because I’m self-conscious of my hips and thighs, which is exactly the area the skirt accentuates. To me, they’re humungous and for a while, I was a size bigger on bottom than on top. Since I’ve been exercising more regularly, the “fatness” has slimmed down some. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to bust out wearing short shorts and such.

The beauty of camera angles is that you can “hide” your flaws but when you’re romping around town, you can’t hide anything. There is no “good side” when you’re on the street.

So how did I wear the bandage skirt?

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Are you Kid-like?

31 Mar

Yes! The summer collection of Stella McCartney for GapKids is out!

It’s cute, it’s bright, and it’s totally summer! I know, it’s a kid’s collection, but I do fit into some of their sizes, so why not go for the more age-neutral pieces?

Personally, I find the tops and dresses to be unflattering on my body since it’s made to be boxy. As for the pants and sweaters, I fare much better. But I’ll need to head to the store to figure out my size if I’m getting any of these items. In the previous collection, I managed to snag a gray cardigan in M, but I’m an L in their regular stock. So we’ll see if the sizes are consistent because I know I haven’t changed much since the last Stella McCartney for GapKids collection.

Here are a couple of my picks:

When September Ends

30 Sep

Summer is officially over and all that’s left is a jumble of memories. As I was perusing my photo collection, I realized that most of my highlights were chronicled not in outfits nor by location, but by food. It’s funny how just a few glances at some old photos brings back so many stories and good times.

I hope I never stop taking pictures so I can remember all the great things that have happened along the way.

Here are some of my favorite summer memories:

Walking along Venice Beach and catching some ‘Baywatch’ style film-making

Eating the most delicious fried chicken at BonChon Chicken while skipping out on the LA Korean BBQ Festival

Heading to the Yelp Elite Event at the OC Fair and eating the deep fried stuffed zucchini…Is it considered healthy?

My DIY cupcake from the wedding of the summer…fun Irish dancing circles and lots of laughs

The best late night place ever is at 25 Degrees in the Hotel Roosevelt…Just look at those fries!

Catching Candyman 187 and the Havenotz at the Key Club

I wonder what this autumn has in store…so far, it still feels like summer except for all the Halloween decorations popping up everywhere. I’m not sure if I’ll dress up this year, not really feeling the Halloween spirit just yet.