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The Look: Deconstructing the Schoolboy

17 Aug

The other day, I was browsing through the J.Crew website and my boyfriend came by to see what I was doing on the computer. Without any prompting, he started picking out items that he thought I could pull off.

One of them was this photo.

It’s androgynous. It’s feminine. It’s classic. But it’s also very modern.

My boyfriend can usually pick out things that match my style, but he also pushes the envelope with items I don’t normally wear. He’s more adventurous with my closet choices than I am!

I let him be critical and I don’t get hurt if he doesn’t like something I really like. Plus, I try my best not to corner him with the “Does this make me look fat?” question. We can agree to disagree.

Back to the outfit photo, I think it’s too reminiscent of my private school days and who wants to wear a uniform? But my boyfriend replied that it’s a nod to the whole schoolboy look while keeping it contemporary and sexy.

The jeans make it sexy. (So he says.)

If you break the outfit down to its basic parts, it’s very simple. The white shirt and the cardigan give off the business look, but the jeans and rolled up sleeves make it more casual. Adding the tie is the final touch that makes it outfit pop. It’s a bit unusual and yet, it works in the photo.

But can I really pull it off?

I looked through my closet and I found a couple of items similar to the ones features in the J.Crew picture and I think I did a pretty good job replicating the look.

Outfit Details: Talula cardigan – XXS (Artizia), Banana Republic button down – XSP, William Rast Ultra Skinny Jerri Jeans – 24, borrowed tie, Aldo pumps

What do you think…a DO or a DON’T? And for what occasion would this be appropriate to wear?


The Usual Suspects

7 Aug

So I have a few moments before heading out to Arizona and I needed to run a few errands. Instead of moving around in a t-shirt and shorts, I decided to dress up a bit. Since I’ve been reaching towards the same color combos lately, specifically pink, white, and gray…why not make a different outfit that I haven’t worn before?

I was too lazy to get my belt hole punched so it’d be the right size, so I just slipped it around the buckle and it stayed in place pretty well. It’s just a temporary solution until I get the hole punched.

Outfit Detail: Martin+ Osa denim jacket – XS, J.Crew tunic- XXS, Club Monaco – XS, Urban Outfitters belt – S, Aldo pumps

Review: BCBG Max Azria Tunic

2 Aug

I went back to BCBG Maz Azria lately to check out their new arrivals and since I had been holding onto a bit of store credit, I felt like I should at least use it.

Most of the items in XXS fit decently, but it depends on the cut and the style. For a few things, even the XXS was big and if it was one size smaller, it would be even better for me! But the bandage style skirts are made quite small…I couldn’t fit into the skirt in XXS, I had to size up to an XS…amazing!

But what really sold me was this tunic top…I didn’t see it online, but it’s available in stores in XXS. The armholes could be smaller, but it’s fine. I just loved the color and the way it drapes.

Outfit Details: BCBG Maz Azria tunic – XXS, J.Crew Matchstick jeans (waist taken in) – 25R, Urban Outfitters braided belt – S, H&M and Forever 21 bangles/bracelets, random chandelier earrings, Charles David Awaken wedges

And white jeans…who doesn’t love a pair?

I always thought white jeans would make me look fatter but it depends on the style and the cut.

At J.Crew, the Matchstick jeans are a straight leg style, but I could probably get away with the slimmer Toothpick version as well. At the time when it was on sale at the store, I picked up the 25R (thinking it was the smallest size) but I do fit into a 24S…next time, I know what to look for so I won’t have to get the waist taken in and the bottom hemmed.

The Look: Menswear

9 Jul

I got my Nordstrom catalog this weekend and while flipping through it, I was inspired by the fall colors and the menswear looks. Though it’s clearly too early to break out the fall gear, the overcast weather here makes me lean toward the darker colors.

Plus, with my new hair, I’m sure I can pull off the menswear look better than when I had the bob.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa tuxedo shirt – XS, Theory Kissan Pant – 00, J.Crew skinny belt – S, Payless black pumps

When I think of a man’s outfit, it usually consists of three main items (aside from the tie)

Button-down shirt + Black Trousers + Belt = Basic Men’s Outfit

So doing a play on the traditional look, I paired a tuxedo shirt with a pleated harem pant for texture and visual interest. The skinny belt provides a pop of color to complete the look. Since the pant sits on my hip, it elongates my torso while the heels keep the body proportions in balance.

As I was walking around, someone mentioned that I looked more confident with this particular look, but I think it’s the hair.

Weekend Warriors

20 Apr

Another weekend has flown by and yet again, I was playing tour guide. This time, it was with my sis who was visiting…but she only lives less than 2 hours away. Still, since she thinks she’ll be heading back to San Francisco in the near future, she wanted to cross off some things on her list before she leaves Southern California.

Today’s main stop was the Getty Center.

It was such a great day to enjoy the museum in all its many components. From the clean spacious museum galleries to the colorful garden outdoors, I definitely had my fill of art and nature. I really did like their fountains, especially the main one because you can scale closer to the rocks and it has that aged look to it to give it some character.

My sis had fun the central garden with all the different plants and flowers. I can’t wait until everything is in full bloom because then it would seem much fuller than it is now. Since it’s only been spring for a few weeks, everything is newly sprouted and it doesn’t quite have the same impact as it does in the summer. Still, it was nice to relax on the lawn and check out the random sculpture gardens.

It’s been a while since I last visited the Getty Center, I didn’t even know they had a cactus garden! It’s not much but it’s nice to see some succulents and spiky cacti. My sis took this candid…and it’s not my fave, but it does show my full outfit. Nothing fancy, but perfect for walking around a museum.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa cardigan XS, J.Crew silk streamers cami 0P (last seen), Madewell jeggings S, Swarovski crystal pendant necklace, Colehaan Saddle Soft Satchel in Ginger Pearlized, Castañer flats, Ray Ban sunglasses

By Spring, They Mean Summer

22 Mar

Yes, it’s spring forward…but here in LA, it’s more like fast-forward to summer.

The sun is blazing and it’s about time to bust out the tanks, shorts, and beachwear for some weekend fun! Well, it’s still a bit too chilly for me to go to the beach, but it’s perfectly fine to wander the city in a sleeveless top!

There’s always cafe-style brunch where you can eat well and people-watch. A couple of my faves are Taste on Melrose and Griddle Cafe. You never know who’s sitting next to you…an actor, a producer, firefighters…such is life.

I’m out enjoying the sunshine and you should too! =)

Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters top S and braided belt S, Hollister lace cami XS, Madewell jeggings S and necklace, J.Crew Crewcuts trilby hat, Payless peeptoe pumps

Let It Be Spring!

11 Mar

I love warm weather!

But no outdoor outfit posts…I feel silly standing in front of a tripod and I don’t have a photographer that can travel with me. So, indoor shots once again.

I’m wearing purple circle lenses, (Geo Angels) but you can’t really tell the color, it just doesn’t look brown. I’ve been shopping my closet lately since I haven’t been buying clothes. In fact, I’m stocking up on basics instead like slips, undergarments, stockings, etc. And accessories, I’m loving my straw hats…I can’t believe I never thought of wearing them until last summer!

By the way, I love the length of this Forever 21 skirt. It’s quite rare for me to find a flattering skirt that isn’t down to my knees! I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s because I have “athletic” legs, but I tend to favor the flared A-line skirts instead of pencil skirts or tight minis.

What’s your favorite skirt style: straight, tapered, a-line, and/or flared?

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