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Review: Topshop Petite

4 May

Ok, I finally got sucked into buying something from Topshop online after seeing a couple of posts by PetiteAsianGirl at ExtraPetite.com. The styles are pretty trendy but I’m always wary of the quality especially since the pieces are quite pricey for me. But after scanning the website a few days, I decided to pick up one thing I really liked.

I got the Petite Meadow Peplum Tunic in Size 0. It’s the smallest US size they offer and I had to try it out.

When the package arrived and opened the box, I noticed that it did look just the photo, but the quality left more to be desired. The slip was more sheer and the tunic itself wasn’t as fitted as I was expecting. Once I find a nude full body slip, then I could probably wear it out as a dress. Still, it makes for pretty pictures.

It has a romantic, ballet-esque quality to it that I kind of like. It’s definitely different from the things I usually buy.

I’m still not completely sure how to style it since it gives me a 1920’s silhouette with the dropped waist. Also, the tunic is in that strange place where it’s almost too long to be a tunic and yet, a bit too short to be a decent dress.

Any suggestions on how to style this particular item? I’d much appreciate it.

Outfit Details: Topshop Petite Meadow Peplum Tunic-O, PacSun leggings- S, Pencey vest – XS, Madewell necklace, Steven Madden Tuxxedo oxfords


An Edgy Sailor…Maybe?

1 Mar

I already professed my love of nautical gear recently, but how about mixing styles?

Downtown chic meets French sailor.

Outfit Details: Madewell Breton tunic XS, Pencey moto vest XS, Pacsun capris 00, Forever 21 fish pendant, Corso Como boots

I was absolutely aching for the Pencey moto vest in an old post and I’m glad I make the purchase because the (silk) material makes it more interesting than a leather one. Plus, I didn’t find any biker jackets, denim vests, and other moto paraphernalia that accentuated my figure in a positive way. Most were boxy, loose, and chunky even if I somehow managed to find the right size.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m making an effort to add some detail shots in conjunction with the outfit pictures. At times, it’s difficult to see the details and it kind of helps with a closer eye. Plus, I’m figuring out how to capture a certain moodiness that makes the photo more “powerful” but I’m not quite sure if I’m there yet.

It’s another month closer to spring and I’m preparing for beach season with an increase in workouts. I’m be slowing down the spending in all areas for March and I’m a bit shopped out. There hasn’t been much to catch my eye as of late, which is good for my wallet and it gives me more opportunity to reconnect with my closet and find new outfits that I hadn’t thought of before.

DIY: From Blazer to Vest

4 Dec

I got this blazer from Goodwill for $3. It’s in pretty good condition and though it was big, I knew it would make a great DIY project. This is what it looks like on me:

Here’s a detail shot

After a couple of hours cutting of the sleeves, add a dart to the sides and finishing up the edges…I have vest! It reminds me a bit of a boyfriend vest, but I don’t know if that was what I originally wanted. Perhaps I should reshape the sleeve area to make it look like a halter…kind of like Kate Holmes, but with a back.

This is the almost finished result…one sleeve isn’t done so it looks bigger on one side.

What do you think…should I keep it as is, or go for the halter effect?