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DIY: Altering a Formal Dress Part 2

20 Jul

From yesterday’s post, I didn’t write exactly HOW I did the alterations, but I briefly mentioned them. So I’ll try to go into more detail about what I did exactly.

Here”s a quick sketch of what I planned to change for the dress (sorry for the quality)

I had thought that the front portion that “connected” to the band in the back was a waistband, but I didn’t realize that it was connected to the actual twist detail.

From the inside of the dress, it seemed like I could just remove the “waistband” that’s why it seemed so easy to alter. I wanted to pick out the “waistband” and re-attach the bust portion to the skirt. The back portion was simple enough, but the front was more difficult.

The front portion seemed easy to do from the inside, but once I looked from the outside, the twist detail prevented me from removing the “waistband” portion completely.

Original Front (inside)

Original Back (Inside)

Original Outside View

So I ended up overlapping the “waistband” portion over part of the bust section and re-stitching everything in place.

What I Actually Did (Step  by Step)

  1. Remove the side zipper
  2. Partially separate the corset lining from the dress (just the bottom)
  3. Remove stitching at the top of the band in the back
  4. Remove stitching between the bust area and the “waistband” in the front
  5. Flip it inside out, sew in the sides of the dress by half an inch
  6. Overlap the “waistband” over the bust detail and stitch in place
  7. Match the line of the “waistband” to the back band and stitch in place
  8. Sew down the corset lining
  9. Reattach side zipper

Before Alterations

Here’s what the front looks like, I didn’t take a photo of the back, but where the band extends to the side, that’s where the back band connects.

After Alterations

The bust detail looks a lot smaller and the back band is higher than it was originally. I didn’t take photos of the inside since I stitched the corset lining back in place. But I think you can see the general changes from the outside.

I hope that helpful and please let me know if anything was unclear. Thanks! =)


DIY: Altering a Formal Dress

19 Jul

Prom season is over and a lot of formal dresses were heavily discounted at Loehmann’s. Even though I don’t have many formal events to go to, I wanted to try out some dresses anyway.

I found a Laundry by Shelly Segal dress in size 0. Amazingly, it fit in most places except the bust area and the length. The bust detail was too large on my frame and the sides stuck out by an inch on each end. I checked the construction of the dress and it seemed relatively simple to alter.

Instead of paying the tailor to fix this dress, I decided to take it in myself.

Before Alterations

Since the dress was relatively cheap, it was worth the risk of a DIY.

My initial plan was to remove the waistband and attach the bust to the skirt of the dress to make everything look smaller. But when I looked more closely at the construction, the waistband part of the bust detail and I couldn’t simply remove it.

I ended up overlapping the waist portion with the bust hand-stitched it together. It wasn’t too difficult, but I didn’t anticipate hand-sewing all the alterations.

After Alterations

Since I was going to see the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (Disney Concert Center) this past weekend, I thought to pull out this dress. It was appropriate and there were plenty of other people who were more overdressed than I.

Plus I had three celebrity sightings at this event, Judy Greer(Casey from 27 Dresses), Amanda Schull (Jody from Center Stage), and Malese Jow (Anna from Vampire Diaries). I’m sure there were probably more famous people at the event, but those are the ones I specifically recognize. It’s not often that I see celebrities, but I don’t like to approach them since they’re with their friends and families. After all, actors are people too.

At The Event

So I haven’t purchased a maxi dress this summer, but this formal gown can work just fine for casual situations as well. With a white denim jacket and wedges, this dress can change from fancy to semi-casual in a instant. I love trying to remix my clothes! =)

Being “Green” without Losing Your Green

9 Jul


Lately, the “green” trend has been picking up speed and flooding the commercial markets with new products and other items. However, the majority of these products are more expensive than the regular stock primarily because it’s “green” or environmentally friendly and the like. As much as I’d like to live sustainably, I don’t have the money to spend on bamboo dinnerware or organic cotton bedding.

Thus, I propose a different solution. Use what you have already and try to make something out of it. In the future, if you have to purchase something, keep sustainability in mind. Hopefully, that will reduce unnecessary expenses while being good to the environment.

Currently, I’m in the process of finding a new apartment and I hope to move in by mid-September. In my new space, I am not purchasing any new furniture, but I will be creating a couple pieces, namely a coffee table and side tables. Those items will be made of magazines and newpapers, with a glass top and a solid wood base. Not only is it cheap, but eco-friendly and mobile. A little bit of creativity can go a long way, especially to reduce the clutter without spending a lot of money.

My budget to furnish, decorate, and “green” my space will be about $500. We’ll see the outcome in September.