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Who Likes Animal Jewelry?

26 Sep

I don’t often wear rings since it’s hard to find something that looks nice and fits.

But I stopped by H&M over the weekend and found a set of animal rings in the Divided section that peaked my interest.

It was difficult to try them on in the store due to the packaging, but it said XS/S in terms of sizing, so I bought them. When I got home, I could only fit into one ring (an owl in Size 5) and the rest slid off my fingers. I tried the rest on my thumbs but it just didn’t look right.

So, I’m giving away the three (out of four) rings individually….for FREE!

(Click on the photo to enlarge)


  • Rabbit-Size 6 Inner Diameter: 16mm
  • Deer-Size 7 Inner Diameter: 17 mm
  • Fox-Size 8 Inner Diameter: 18mm


Open to all readers. To get you hands on these rings, follow these simple steps. First come, first serve.

  1. Send an email to stylepint.musings [at] gmail.com of which ring(s) you want. Title the subject line as, “Stylepint Animal Rings!”
  2. I’ll reply to let you know what items are available and request a valid mailing address.
  3. Once you receive the ring(s), please send me a photo of you wearing it via email or write a blog post about your new acquisition that will link back to this post.

Get to gettin’ and send me some love! =)

*To all my readers, please let me know if you’re interested in seeing more or less of this kind of post. I’m trying something new and I want you all to be involved.

**UPDATE: Giveaway is closed. October 1st.


DIY Part III: Sweater Clip

26 Oct

I finally took a picture of the sweater clip that I made…from my camera phone.

To make your own, you need a couple of items:


  • A string of pearls
  • A vest clip or 2 alligator clips
  • 2 Owl Pendants or any other pendant you want (make sure it overs the top of the clips)
  • Crimp Beads (2)
  • Some Tacky Glue or Super Glue

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DIY Part II: Sweater Clip

25 Sep

Is Glee single-handedly bringing back sweater clips?

It seems so as more episodes of Emma Pillsbury (as played byJayma Mays) display more versions of some lovely vintage sweater clips. At first, I thought she was wearing an interesting brooch/necklace. Then I looked it up and it turns out it’s a 1950’s accessories trend that went out of style as people moved away from the sock hop look.

However, cardigans and these clips are back with a vengeance! No longer are they for adorning your old lady library sweaters, they’re perfect for adding some bling to your neckline a lá collar. So clip this little vintage trinket and you’re ready for sweet surprise.

The perfect accessory that’s like a necklace…only not! Tehee!

I saw this owl sweater guard clip debut on Glee Episode 1, as worn by Emma Pillsbury. (Jayma Mays) It’s no longer available on Etsy and no matter how hard I scoured Ebay, no luck. So, I decided to make my own version.

With cost of all the materials, it was easily less than $20 at Michael’s.

Plus, I got a nearly brand new vest clip for $1.99 from Goodwill.

The pearls were pretty sweet at $5.99 for about 14″.

And of course, who can forget the owl? It’s a swinging owl, so it has some movement, which I kind of like anyways.

I’m making a more modern uptake on the vintage sweater clip by connecting the string of pearls to the vest clip and attaching the owl to the head of the vest clip. It only takes a couple of minutes and some fidgeting, but in the end, it’s worth it!

I forgot to take pictures of it before I moved, so it’s packed away somewhere. But I’ll have it up soon!