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A New Month, A New Goal

3 Sep

My mini-shopping ban is technically over but I’m extending it for the entire month of September.

I have to gradually build up my discipline when it comes to shopping and learn to say no. It’s so easy to keep purchasing new items, but it’s much better to remix items and get the most wear out of them. When I walk around the store, I’m learning to turn things down because it looks like some version of an item I already own.

However, I will allow myself one clothing item and one accessory this month to soften the blow. A blouse from fredflare and a pendant watch necklace from Free People because they are season-less and classic.

Fall is quickly on its way (though it doesn’t feel like it) and I’m sure I have clothes for this season. One month of no-shopping can’t hurt and it’ll allow me to exercise better self-control when it comes to clothes.

Wish me luck! =)


Petite Fashion Challenge #1 – Do a Petite Don’t

26 Aug

For the first Petite Fashion Challenge, I decided to do capris. After all, capri pants are notorious for being unfriendly to petites since they chop off the leg line and could make the legs look shorter.

When I wear capris, I usually pair them with sandals to go the beach. The shorter length of the pant is perfect for tiptoeing in the water without getting your pants wet.

For this specific cut and style of capri pant, there are a couple of plus and minuses to it.


  • The relatively dark wash streamlines the look of the capri pant
  • The small flare at the bottom balances out the hips


  • The low rise shortens the leg line
  • The cropped length also shortens the leg line

To combat the negative elements of my capri pants, I wear open toed sandals or shoes to elongate the leg line. However, wearing flats can only add so much to the leg line and the proportions are not quite right.

(If I had a more fitted shirt..it might help as long as I don’t fully cover the waistband.)

But what about a weekend brunch outfit with capri pants?

I don’t really dress up for brunch, so I kept the same outfit but changed the shoes. More specifically, I put on a pair of nude wedges. The nude color combined with the additional height of the wedge extends the leg line so that the legs look longer.

If I still want to wear capris, in the future, I’d look for the following elements to get the “best” looking capri pant for my petite stature and body shape:

  • A high or mid rise pant
  • A small flare at the bottom
  • A dark or uniform wash
  • A style that cuts close to the body

How about you readers?

Do you wear capris and what elements do you look for?

Why Do You Shop?

24 Aug

After a no-shopping weekend, I wondered how I got into the habit of shopping every week?

I’m sure it was a slippery slope combined with boredom that sent me to the mall or thrift store every weekend looking for something to buy. At first, I just wanted to window shop and look at pretty things. But looking led to touching the items, and touching led to trying it on, and if it looked good on me, I was quickly justifying the purchase in my head…and before you know it…I’m walking out the store with a few less dollars and a smile on my face.

Oh, but you can afford it!

You deserve a reward!

It was on sale!

You did the happy dance when it fit!

The cost per wear is practically zero since you’ll wear it all the time!

I keep telling myself these little things to rationalize my purchases but they really don’t help the situation.

The end of the month draws nearer and my closet has more items that I intended. Sure, I didn’t buy another plain white tee, but do I really need another item? That’s when I decided to put a small shopping ban. Two weeks of no-shopping….sounds simple enough.

But why am I  counting down the days?

How about you readers? Why do you shop…is it out of necessity, entertainment, or something totally different?

New Year’s Resolution Part II

21 Feb

So, continuing on from the previous post, here’s the rest of the update on my New Year’s Resolution. (NYR)

My food budget is reining in my eating out expenses and helping me stay healthy. My stomach is weak in the morning, so multi-grain oatmeal is the only thing I can have for breakfast. I’ve been baking a lot more and making things like bread, pound cake, cupcakes, etc. I can’t eat them all at once, so I send them off to my friends.

Instead of eating at chain restaurants, I want to support the local neighborhood and find awesome neighborhood gems…so I’ll keep fast food to a minimum. So far, I’ve found some great places: Le Saint Amour, Ford’s Filling Station, and Cafe Brasil. When I eat at an independent restaurant, it feels special, especially if the chef physically works there!

Overall, I’m doing well on all fronts except shopping. It feels like I’m cutting expenses in all areas of my life in order TO clothes shop, which is not what I had in mind. So, I’ve re-vamped my goal to make it more realistic in the next couple of months. For my closet, I am limited to 30 pairs of shoes with a max budget of $100 per pair. Also, I can purchase clothing that fills the “holes” in my wardrobe such as slim-fitting trousers. As for accessories, I need a more substantial collection that does not consist mostly of Forever 21 wares. The rest of my clothing will adhere to the “one in, one out” rule.

Here’s a quick look at some recent nautical purchases:

Details: Madewell Navy Breton Tee XS, Martin + Osa adjustable belt S/M, Forever 21 fish necklace

All this budgeting, waste-reducing, healthy-lifestyle maintaining effort is not for nothing. I want to be more conscious of my purchases, where it is clothing or whether is it food. We’re so accustomed to fast-food and fast-fashion that I think we all need to take a step back. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in ourselves that we seldom take notice of how quickly the world is changing.

At the airport, I noticed that out of 50 passengers, half were hooked up – on the computer, listening to their ipod, or fiddling with their smartphones. Only two groups, less than 10 people in total, were having a physical conversation/social interaction.

Has technology made us socially isolated and awkward?

A Gift for the Home

27 Nov

It is Black Friday and I know there are many shopping their hearts out to get the latest steals and to finish their Christmas shopping. As for me, I am watching from the sidelines. Not only to save money but also because there isn’t anything I want that’s going on sale.

Since I’m home this Thanksgiving weekend to visit my family, I was reminded about the small comforts of home. It’s the intangible pleasures of life that really brighten up my day. Just seeing all my younger cousins getting older and soon heading off to college is another reminder that time does not stand still and will continue to push us forward.

But if I were to indulge in some retail therapy, it’d be in search of the perfect bath towel. I don’t know why, but a great bath towel uplifts my spirits and makes the rest of the day seem better. So far, the best I’ve come across are the Turkish Bath Linens from Restoration Hardware. It’s about $28 for a bath towel, but it’s so worth the money. The towels are the only reason I go to that store.

Another great find is the Royal Velvet Bath Linen Collection at Bed Bath and Beyond. For about $15, you can get an awesome bath towel made from Turkish cotton. Plus if you use the 20% off coupon, it’s even cheaper! Usually I wait for the sales and coupons so I can get these towels for cheap. Since I’m not picky about the colors, I mix and match as long as I don’t pay the retail price.

When people think of expensive, high quality cotton, they usually think of Egyptian cotton. For the most part, that is correct. However, Turkish cotton is just as great and it has a bit of a sheen. It’s all a matter of preference, but for me, Egyptian cotton has nothing on Turkish cotton!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Tis the Season

23 Nov

Window into the holidays by -liyen-

The holiday shopping bonanza has begun!

I see people roaming the malls looking for deals and coming out with multiple bags as if the companies are giving things away for free. I know, with Christmas coming up, everyone’s being told to shop and buy everything in time for the holidays…still, it makes me wonder, are we really valued by our gifts?

We are such a consumerist economy that we rarely have a holiday that doesn’t involve buying something. I fall prey to it too, but I must resist. It’s not a frugality issue, but one of sincerity. Yes, I care about people, but I don’t need to show my appreciation from something I bought at a store. To me, a thoughtfully written note is better than any store-bought Hallmark greeting card.

For my friends, instead of physical gifts this year, I’m thinking of other ways to show my appreciation no matter how close or far away they are from my location.

So, I’m trying my best to NOT get anything this Black Friday…unless the the Nikon D40 is on sale somewhere.

Thrifty Bargains

28 Jul

Since I’ve put myself on a shopping hiatus from malls, shopping centers, and chain stores, I’m suffering from the lack of retail therapy. I decided to try “thrift” shopping and see if I could get into that whole craze. Second-hand items aren’t really at the top of my list because…who knows what the previous person did to those clothes?

Anyways, I took up thrifting again after a failed first attempt in Santa Monica. This time, I was heading over to Beverly Hills…Fairfax Ave. There were 4 thrift shops within walking distance so I decided to head over and check it out. I found two cotton/silk blend tops, which were in pretty good condition. I don’t think I’ll venture back to these places because they were pretty dusty, shady…and kinda kooky. Well, the Goodwill was pretty new, but it didn’t have much to offer.

I knew Westwood had a couple of thrift stores…Thank You Mart and Buffalo Exchange. The Thank You Mart is more for costumes and it’s cheap, almost every item for $5 each. But instead, I opted for Buffalo Exchange because most of their sellers would be college students…and their fashions can’t be that outdated. It turns out that I was right…lots of good quality clothing, a bit pricey compared to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Out of the Closet…but it’s worth it right? Well, I ended up with a Gap silk wrap dress. I may return to Buffalo Exchange, but it’s kind of on the more expensive side of thrifting.

The next target: Melrose!

Forever 21 Blouse

Express BlouseGap Silk Wrap Dress

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