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Review: Gap Perfect Trouser Pant

23 Aug

Gap just started making suit trousers, so I decided to try it out.

I know, it’s the same company as Banana Republic, but I thought their styles might look and fit better on me. So, I ordered the Perfect Trouser Pant in 00p in grey.

  • Sits at the waist.
  • Straight through the hip and thigh.
  • Flared leg opening.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like.

It seems like GAP put a lot of thought into the design of their new premium pant collection. There are several different cuts and styles for different body types. So, there’s bound to a fit that works for me..at least, in theory.

The perfect trouser pant has angled pockets so they don’t pucker out and the back pockets are flush to the body. Though the pants aren’t lined, the construction is pretty good. Plus, the suiting material looked decent and not cheap.

But how does it look on me?

Umm….is it just me or does it look like my hips are huge?

The length is just right, but the fit is pretty bad. The silhouette from the back isn’t bad, but all the other photos don’t lie. I guess I’m curvier than I thought.

At the waist, it’s loose by a couple of inches so it can sit lower on my hips, but then the rise would be too low and look saggy. The rear end area is also unflattering because it flattens my bum and there’s extra fabric bunching. In fact, from the side, it looks like my bum is 3 times longer than it should be, which is not what I want.

These pants are not perfect for me.


My suggestion:

The perfect trouser pant would work better for someone with slimmer hips and a thicker midsection.

What do you think about the GAP Premium Pant collection?


A Remix of Sorts

28 Jun

Looking through old photos not only reminds me of my past experiences, but the clothes I’ve worn.

My friends and I have been reminiscing a lot lately since a few are leaving SoCal soon. One is heading to medical school in Chicago and another is going to law school in San Francisco. We were talking about the silly parties we used to have at the end of the year and I remembered a skirt I made for one of those events.

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Day and Night

8 Feb

In classical ballet, everyone moves with such grace and ease that it’s easy to forget all the rigorous training they go through in order to display such elegance. I feel like that’s how it is with personal style. For some, it comes naturally, but for others, they must “train” themselves to find the balance between textures, colors, and silhouettes.

I’ve hit a bit of a rut and I’m reverting to what I know best…cardigans, skinny jeans, scarves, flats, and a chignon. When I can’t think of anything to wear, I pull out this type of outfit.

Outfit Details: GapKids Stella McCartney cardigan M, William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinny jeans 24, Nordstrom cami XS, Steve Madden flats, Forever 21 scarf and purse

During the weekends, I want to explore LA a little bit more. Even though I’ve been here for quite some time, I really don’t know this city very well. So, I’m scouting around for cool nooks around town that jump out at me. I pass by the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) quite often and the streetlight exhibit really caught my eye. Finally, we had a chance to stop by at night and take some photos.

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Channeling the First Lady

8 Jan

For work attire, my style is pretty boring. I don’t put as much effort into my work clothes as I do my casual outfits. In my head, the options are limited and there are only so many ways to mix and match.

Plus, I’ve been losing weight for the past year and now ALL the bottoms for my work wardrobe are too loose. Everything that used to sit on my waist now hang low on my hips.  I don’t plan on getting any slimmer in the waist area, and my weight has been pretty stable for the past 3 months so it’s about time to take everything to the tailor and have it taken in…again.

There is one bright spot to pump up my work wardrobe and that’s to take inspiration from the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I love her style and how she really makes a simple silhouette pop with color, patterns, and accessories. Though she does wear a lot of formal gowns, her more causal outfits gives me hope that work attire doesn’t have to be boring, plain, and dowdy.

With inspirational images in mind, I dove into my closet to find something similar to Mrs. Obama’s outfit.

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Thrifty Bargains

28 Jul

Since I’ve put myself on a shopping hiatus from malls, shopping centers, and chain stores, I’m suffering from the lack of retail therapy. I decided to try “thrift” shopping and see if I could get into that whole craze. Second-hand items aren’t really at the top of my list because…who knows what the previous person did to those clothes?

Anyways, I took up thrifting again after a failed first attempt in Santa Monica. This time, I was heading over to Beverly Hills…Fairfax Ave. There were 4 thrift shops within walking distance so I decided to head over and check it out. I found two cotton/silk blend tops, which were in pretty good condition. I don’t think I’ll venture back to these places because they were pretty dusty, shady…and kinda kooky. Well, the Goodwill was pretty new, but it didn’t have much to offer.

I knew Westwood had a couple of thrift stores…Thank You Mart and Buffalo Exchange. The Thank You Mart is more for costumes and it’s cheap, almost every item for $5 each. But instead, I opted for Buffalo Exchange because most of their sellers would be college students…and their fashions can’t be that outdated. It turns out that I was right…lots of good quality clothing, a bit pricey compared to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Out of the Closet…but it’s worth it right? Well, I ended up with a Gap silk wrap dress. I may return to Buffalo Exchange, but it’s kind of on the more expensive side of thrifting.

The next target: Melrose!

Forever 21 Blouse

Express BlouseGap Silk Wrap Dress

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