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Just Another Haircut

7 Jul

For a while now, I’ve been talking about cutting my hair to look like Carey Mulligan’s and I went for it this weekend.

My stylist was pretty excited and he thought that I would look fabulous. The other people in the salon looked at me like I lost my mind. I guess, to them, it was like I was giving up my femininity with short hair.

But I’d like to think that it adds to it. I look really different, but it’s kind of nice.

I don’t have to blow dry my hair, I can just add a bit of wax for texture, and the messier I style it, the better it looks!

My friends say that this cut shows my face more and my delicate features are better defined. When I had long hair, it hid my features so you couldn’t really tell what I look like.

Another plus is that I actually have volume in my hair now. I had the worst time making my hair fluffy and voluminous because the weight of my hair always pulls it down after a couple of hours and it just sticks to my scalp by the end of the day.

So far, I’m  having fun with my new haircut and it’s kind of exciting since I’ve NEVER had my hair this short before.

Photo credit goes to my friend S. for taking these snapshots.


Review: Theory Ibbey Pant

11 May

Just like finding a great pair of jeans, a great pair of trousers is just as difficult to find.

I wanted a pair of slim fitting pants in suiting material that was of good quality and fit me perfectly. I had marginal success with Banana Republic but I didn’t buy the pair because it didn’t make me feel special. They fit decently, but they were kind of…eh.

Thus, I wandered into Theory and tried on a few pairs of pants. It seemed like AlterationsNeeded and PetiteAsianGirl from ExtraPetite had success with jackets and skirts, but what about pants?

I tested out two pairs of pants in size 00 since last time I tried on size 0 pants, they practically fell off me.

At first glance, the Cerdwin K pant had good potential since they were considered “drainpipe” leg elongators. However, in size 00, the pant felt loose overall and had a gap in the waist area. It looked unflattering on my frame. Plus, in the Cupid fabric, the material composition was 71% viscose, 23% polyamide, and 6% elastane which meant that it had a stretchy, knit-like quality that felt a bit strange. I had to pass on this style.

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Now You Can Save Independent Film

26 Jan

I love indie movies, not just the ones that end up at our movie theaters, but also the ones at the film festivals begging to be picked up by a distributor.

Sometimes, the best films don’t get to reach a wide audience until years later if at all. My favorite films don’t always have famous celebrities in it…in fact, sometimes, they’re all unknowns and that’s what makes it so great. The film doesn’t rely on the names of the actors to sell the story, but it’s the actors themselves who become the story.

For example, this preview of a short film below is so stunningly beautiful, I could not forget about it for days! Please support them on their fundraising website or check out their studio website.

The website on which they are based, Indiegogo.com is quite a new experience to me. Who knew that with a couple of donations, you’d be giving these filmmakers an opportunity to share their unique vision to the world? As an additional perk, you’re connected to the film itself by being listed in its credits, have an opportunity to receive a copy of their video, or other swag.

I’m a film buff at heart and I hate to see the future of filmmaking relegated only to big-name directors and producers. Sometimes, we need to inject a fresh perspective from new talent.

I’m sick of sequels and prequels, aren’t you?

*Disclaimer: I may sound like a commercial, but I’m not. I really love the idea of crowd-funding a film and honestly, I’ve seen how difficult it is to sell a film and how even an amazing director can get passed up because not enough people know about him or the companies don’t want to take a risk on his film.

So, just to be safe, this is my unsponsored personal opinion and I have no affliation or association to the movie itself or Indiegogo.com.