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Review: Topshop Petite

4 May

Ok, I finally got sucked into buying something from Topshop online after seeing a couple of posts by PetiteAsianGirl at ExtraPetite.com. The styles are pretty trendy but I’m always wary of the quality especially since the pieces are quite pricey for me. But after scanning the website a few days, I decided to pick up one thing I really liked.

I got the Petite Meadow Peplum Tunic in Size 0. It’s the smallest US size they offer and I had to try it out.

When the package arrived and opened the box, I noticed that it did look just the photo, but the quality left more to be desired. The slip was more sheer and the tunic itself wasn’t as fitted as I was expecting. Once I find a nude full body slip, then I could probably wear it out as a dress. Still, it makes for pretty pictures.

It has a romantic, ballet-esque quality to it that I kind of like. It’s definitely different from the things I usually buy.

I’m still not completely sure how to style it since it gives me a 1920’s silhouette with the dropped waist. Also, the tunic is in that strange place where it’s almost too long to be a tunic and yet, a bit too short to be a decent dress.

Any suggestions on how to style this particular item? I’d much appreciate it.

Outfit Details: Topshop Petite Meadow Peplum Tunic-O, PacSun leggings- S, Pencey vest – XS, Madewell necklace, Steven Madden Tuxxedo oxfords


Let It Be Spring!

11 Mar

I love warm weather!

But no outdoor outfit posts…I feel silly standing in front of a tripod and I don’t have a photographer that can travel with me. So, indoor shots once again.

I’m wearing purple circle lenses, (Geo Angels) but you can’t really tell the color, it just doesn’t look brown. I’ve been shopping my closet lately since I haven’t been buying clothes. In fact, I’m stocking up on basics instead like slips, undergarments, stockings, etc. And accessories, I’m loving my straw hats…I can’t believe I never thought of wearing them until last summer!

By the way, I love the length of this Forever 21 skirt. It’s quite rare for me to find a flattering skirt that isn’t down to my knees! I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s because I have “athletic” legs, but I tend to favor the flared A-line skirts instead of pencil skirts or tight minis.

What’s your favorite skirt style: straight, tapered, a-line, and/or flared?

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Feelin’ Blue

14 Feb

The title may sound like I’m sad, but I’m not. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day or S.A.D., but I choose to go with neither. I’m happy in my current situation and I don’t need a holiday to declare it to the world. I feel that this holiday is so commercialized and the overabundance of red and pink scares me so I hide away until it fades. Still, I can’t completely forgo the outside world when there are sales coming up.

So, I stepped out in a navy outfit that has a hint of European flavor. A Breton silk tunic from Zara has been this month’s top score. I’ve been wanting one forever and though it’s looser than I pictured, it’s perfect for spring/summer. When those hot days in LA roll around, I’ll be prepared with this top.

On the weekends, I prefer wearing flats to heels because they’re more comfortable. These Steve Madden oxfords make any outfit that much more stylish and the Steve Madden site has a how to style it page. I’ve seen how Elaine from ClothedMuch wears her brogues everywhere…they’re so versatile that I’m wondering…how did I live without these before?

Outfit Details: Zara silk tunic XS, Forever 21 trench S, Madewell jeggings S, Burberry check tote, Steve Madden Tuxxedo oxford flats, Forever 21 fish pendant

Day and Night

8 Feb

In classical ballet, everyone moves with such grace and ease that it’s easy to forget all the rigorous training they go through in order to display such elegance. I feel like that’s how it is with personal style. For some, it comes naturally, but for others, they must “train” themselves to find the balance between textures, colors, and silhouettes.

I’ve hit a bit of a rut and I’m reverting to what I know best…cardigans, skinny jeans, scarves, flats, and a chignon. When I can’t think of anything to wear, I pull out this type of outfit.

Outfit Details: GapKids Stella McCartney cardigan M, William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinny jeans 24, Nordstrom cami XS, Steve Madden flats, Forever 21 scarf and purse

During the weekends, I want to explore LA a little bit more. Even though I’ve been here for quite some time, I really don’t know this city very well. So, I’m scouting around for cool nooks around town that jump out at me. I pass by the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) quite often and the streetlight exhibit really caught my eye. Finally, we had a chance to stop by at night and take some photos.

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Mini Flat Collection

3 Dec

For the past six months, I’ve been on a lookout for the perfect flats.

The ones I wore fell apart after several months of continual use. I go through about 3 pairs a year, because I purchase flats that cost less than $30 and were pretty cheaply made. This time, I want to be smarter about my choices. So, I chose another 3 pairs that should last me another year or two given the increase in investment.

So this is my mini collection of flats that should go with any outfit, casual or otherwise.

  • Castañer brown suede flats with purple bows: Yoox.com – $108
  • Steve Madden Heaven Round Toe Flat – patent red: DSW.com – $24.95
  • ri black patent flats: Ross – $12.99

My favorite pair are the Castañer flats. With a hidden wedge, these shoes  add a bit of height and are quite comfortable to wear. I hope these ones last forever because they are so pretty and well-made.

Overall, I spent less than $150 on these 3 pairs of shoes, which is $55.94 more than I spent last year on flats. These shoes are definitely worth the money for an increase in quality and selection. Plus, they should last longer given the thicker sole and the possibility of re-soling the bottom.

Flat collection….COMPLETE!