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Big Patterns

6 Jul

I got this shift dress from Wasteland about a year ago. The length is just right for wearing flats and a bit short to pair with heels. Though it’s a large print/pattern, I think it works quite well.

Looking for petite tips online always frustrate me. Sometimes, they’re spot on with advice and other times, they’re way off base. I tend to read the rules and adjust according to my situation. There are always exceptions to rules, especially when it comes to fashion.

The rule that I’m breaking this time….

If a print is larger than your fist or if stripes are large and wide, it’s not flattering and can be overwhelming for a petite.

This dress was just too cute and I went with my instincts to keep it.

A simple belt in an accent color provides some emphasis to the waist and gives me an hourglass shape. Since the stripes are at a diagonal, it creates the illusion of a more curvaceous figure instead of just making the body look wide (horizontal stripes) or lean (vertical stripes).

At first, I paired my black flats with this outfit, but it didn’t look right so I switched over to gladiator sandals and I think it works a lot better since it doesn’t chop off the line of the foot.

Outfit Details: Collective Clothing shift dress – S, Martin + Osa belt – S, Muzina sandals, Ross flats

What do you think? Can petites wear larger prints and stripes without looking overwhelmed?


Stepping Out of the Box

5 Jul

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I got to hang out in Torrance and see the fireworks.

This weekend’s outfit was a bit different than what I usually wear. I don’t often wear green tops and in bright Granny Smith Apple green no less.

But I bought this top in XXS from Martin + Osa and since I can’t return it anymore, I might as well make use of it. It’s supposed to be a tunic, but it works more like a dress.

There are two giant pockets on each side of the garment and it works great if you want to emphasize your hips, but other than that, it’s not really that flattering. Adding a belt gives this top some shape and provides some structure to this flowy garment.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa Silk Racerback Tank Tunic – XXS, American Apparel Floral Lace Bodysuit – XS, DIY silk bubble skirt, Charles David Awaken wedges, Urban Outfitters braided belt, random chandelier earrings

Petite Tip:

When wearing a bold color, it’s best to keep  the rest of the outfit in a neutral color palette and use smaller accessories. Adding texture instead of color can work to your advantage.

Can Petites Wear Maxi Dresses?

8 Jun

Some say yes and others say no.

While doing a brief scan though the net, I found a couple of DON’Ts when it comes to choosing maxi dresses for petites. Here’s MK Olsen and Rachel Zoe showing how NOT to wear a maxi dress or a kaftan for that matter.

More fabric + Larger prints + Shorter stature = Overwhelmed Frame

Still, there are several maxi dress styles that DO work for petites.

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A Shorter But Not Short Enough Haircut

6 May

I finally got a haircut since my head started feeling really heavy and I was getting headaches from the additional weight of my hair. I’m not really used to long hair anymore, so shorter is better.

Originally, I planned to get my hair cut like Carey Mulligan’s but since my sister’s graduation is coming up in a few months, I wanted to make sure I looked at least decent for the photos.

So, I reverted back to a style I know looks more sophisticated than my current one. I had a similar cut 4+ years go in New York, when I was there to visit a friend.

It looked pretty good then, so I asked my stylist for the same look, an A-line straight bob with slight layering. He did a fantastic job and I think it turned out even better than when I had it cut in New York.

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It’s all in the foundation

14 Mar

It’s a long post…but it’s useful! =)

I’ve been hunting for basics this month. Workout gear, camisoles, undergarments, slips, and stockings. They are things we wear almost everyday, yet the majority of these garments go unseen.They are the workhorses of our wardrobe and the foundation to make ordinary clothing look seamless, polished, and presentable.

As a petite, it is always a challenge to find clothes that fit properly, but these basics sometimes are even more difficult to uncover.You have to sort through so many stores, websites, and catalogs to find that one item with potential and when you first encounter it, it might not seem so great until you put it on.

Still, all that effort is rewarded with a perfect or almost perfect garment. There might be some minor adjustments to be made, but it’s worth it.

Since these are basics, we usually buy them in multiple and with that comes another obstacle. Price. How can we purchase these basics without breaking the bank?

For me, I’ve discovered a set of stores and brands that work well for my body type as well as my wallet. So, I’m sharing a sliver of my recent search into basics. Let me know what are other good brands and stores to try for petites!

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Troubling Trousers

10 Feb

I’ve been looking for a great slim-cut trouser for quite some time, but either I haven’t found one in my size or it’s out of my price range. To me, slim-cut pants makes work attire more stylish than the traditional trouser. Then again, I’m not a fan of a regular suit. On me, the most basic suit can be described as follows:

button-down shirt + trouser pants + fitted blazer = little kid playing dress up

The culprit may partially be fit, but I think it’s also due to my childish face. Instead of basking in woe, I’ll make the best of what I’ve got: traditional trousers and loose-fitting chinos.

Both types of pants can have the same cut but the material is different. Most of the time, I’m on the more casual side of business casual, but I don’t want to look too informal. I personally don’t like khakis, so chinos provide a nice alternative.

Anyways, I got these J.Crew Favorite Fit Everyday Chinos in 00P and they feel like wide-leg pants. The waist is loose, but it sits well at the hip, so I’ll make do without alterations for now. Usually, I stock up items to take to the tailors so it’s one big trip instead of a bunch of little ones. In the future, I’d look into taking in the waist and slimming the leg.

Where do you shop to find your favorite trousers?

Outfit Details: Banana Republic Silk Floral Wrap top XS, J.Crew Favorite Fit Everyday Chinos 00P, American Eagle cardigan XS, Qupid nude booties

Petite Tips:

When wearing a light-colored loose leg trouser, it’s best to pair it with a slimmer or darker top. A wrap top opens up the neckline while the tie defines the waist. A shorter dark-colored cardigan streamlines the silhouette and keeps everything balanced. It’s easy to look overwhelmed in loose leg trousers, but as long as the rest of the outfit is fitted, it maintains the correct proportions.

Roaming the City

18 Jan

Every city has its small, quaint pockets of civility. My latest escapade takes me down Abbot Kinney Blvd.

It’s artsy, it’s hipster, it’s everything mashed together. Close to the beach, but away from the hordes of tourists, this stretch of pavement holds quite valuable history, crazy boutiques, and local cafes.

I must stop by more often because it’s unique and there’s so much to see. It’s like vintage Melrose Blvd that’s been cleaned up, gentrified, and part of the whole “health obsessed” side of California.

Outfit Details: Madewell tee XS and jeggings S, Forever 21 accessories, Corso Como boots

Petite Tips

Knee-length boots can be worn by petites and it doesn’t always make you look shorter. Pair it a dark wash jean or leggings for an elongated leg. I prefer simple boot styles because it’s easier to keep to a sleek silhouette.

*Btw, did you catch the Golden Globes? My fave dresses were from Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock (surprisingly) and Marion Cotilliard (she do no wrong!)