Memories of Summer

31 Aug

Last year, my summer memories were mostly about food.

This year, it’s about people.

I did more free local things instead of elite VIP events. In a way, I’m starting to understand how I fit into the bigger context of the city. You don’t need to travel to exotic locations to re-orient yourself, just go to a different part of town.

I discovered that LA is a world within a city.

There’s the glamorous side of LA with the celebrities, the parties, and the symbols of wealth. But there’s also the invisible side of LA filled with suffering, struggle, and poverty.

There are people every day trying to get by, trying to be the next big thing, and trying to just be.

When I look at these photos, I wonder about the people in them.

Who are they? What are their lives like?

How did they end up in Los Angeles?

This little exercise puts everything into perspective and helps me realize that my no-shopping ban is trivial compared to what some of these people must worry about on a daily basis.


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