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How Close is Too Close?

24 Dec

I love looking at fashion lookbooks. It gives me an idea of how to wear something or how to style it. But I try not to follow the photos too closely because I feel like it’s copying someone else’s style. Still, every so often, I find myself looking eerily similar to my inspiration.

Rodarte For Target

The Rodarte for Target collaboration made its way to the stores recently and I’ve seen many bloggers put up their latest purchases. Though the collab isn’t really my style, I admire the aesthetics from afar. Some of the pieces seem to be worn as standout pieces while others are easier to mix and match.

There are some who wear the collab pieces almost exactly like the lookbook photos and others mix and match the items in ways totally different from the brand’s presentation. I’m definitely on the lookout to see how people style that skeleton dress…that thing is a statement in itself!

I was just wondering…how close is too close when following a style, trend, or look?


Biker Chic?

18 Sep

Lately, I’ve been indulging in some Korean media…watching KDrama, listening to KPop, reading Kpop blogs, and eating KBBQ/Soondubu. After all this Korean influence, it’s slowing affecting my wardrobe choices. I don’t mind because Korean women have great style.

But none as strong as BoA in the “Energetic” video. I’m drawn to the white moto top with the diamond studded corset. I know she’s going for the whole b-girl look  but personally, I wouldn’t wear harem pants or the winged sneakers of Apollo.

I am so in love with that white moto vest/top…I had to get it. Instead of a leather motorcycle or biker jacket, I got the Pencey cropped silk moto vest that still says “rocker” without the bulkiness. Perhaps it’s better for my frame to have something less bulky than a leather jacket.

I’ve been looking for a great leather jacket, but it always overwhelms my frame and makes me look disproportionate. After countless fittings from Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Express, Urban Outfitters, and the like, nothing  looked good on me. From regular jackets, to cropped versions and vests, I haven’t yet found anything as great as the Pencey vest. Although I’m sticking with the biker chick style, I’m changing the material to silk so that it looks better on me.

Photo Credit: Revolve Clothing

By the way, I got this vest in August, so it doesn’t count for September’s shopping budget.

Some Fashion Inspiration

30 Aug

I came across a couple of fashion blogs that mention StyleLikeU.com. At first, it seemed like a mish-mash of amateur home videos. But after finding a couple gems, I’ve grown to love the site and the wide range of fashions it displays. Sometimes, the home-video aspect makes things more real and the person’s personality shines through whole-heartedly without the streamlined effect of professional reality TV.

My faves:

The videos I gravitate toward are mostly girly and feminine. Perhaps it’s partly due to my summertime challenge. I promised myself to stay away from pants unless it was really cold. It prompted me to break out my tomboy-ish style and indulge in my femininity for the past couple months. The weather in LA has been quite warm, which makes pants-wearing almost impossible…so it wasn’t a difficult challenge. I gradually noticed that the hemlines of my skirts went from at the knee to mid-thigh, and pedal pushers became short-shorts as the temperature rose and the season progressed.

A little femininty never hurt anyone…maybe my guy friends will count me as one of the girls instead of one of the guys. It’s not bad being one of the guys, but sometimes, I’d like them to treat me like a girl. One of these days, they’ll figure it out.

Fall Makeup

16 Aug

I’m not that big on makeup. I love everything simplified…that’s why I have an eyes, cheeks, and lip kit that covers the changing colors each season. Not only is the kit versatile, it also saves me money so I don’t have to keep spending money on new colors.

To me, the best makeup look is one that makes your skin look flawless. Once that’s achieved, you look great with any look.

Currently, I’m looking for a good foundation and primer. I use liquid foundation every now and then, but I end up with more coverage than I want. I’m trying mineral makeup, but it’s a hit or miss. Perhaps cream to powder foundation. As for a primer…I want a good eye and skin primer. That way, the makeup lasts longer and looks better throughout the day.

Here’s my basic makeup regime:

  • Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer ($9)
  • NARS Liquid Foundation ($40) or Everyday Minerals Original Glo Powder Foundation ($3 sample)
  • CoverGirl Bronzer ($4)
  • Brown Eyeliner Pencil/Mascara ($1/sample)
  • Origins Lip Gloss ($14.50)

On fancier days:

  • Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost (as a primer) ($23.50)
  • NYC Liquid Eyeliner ($2)
  • Jasmine La Belle Cosmetic Kit – for eyes, cheeks, and lips ($20)

Just because I’m pretty low-key with makeup doesn’t mean that I don’t love the seasonal trends. Like the NARS Fall Look, (picture from Nitrolicious and NARS) it’s soft, moody, and sophisticated. I’m not sure if I could pull it off, but I’ll be experimenting with my cosmetic kit and if I can’t do it on my own, I’ll be heading over to bluemercury for some professional help!

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