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Mini Flat Collection

3 Dec

For the past six months, I’ve been on a lookout for the perfect flats.

The ones I wore fell apart after several months of continual use. I go through about 3 pairs a year, because I purchase flats that cost less than $30 and were pretty cheaply made. This time, I want to be smarter about my choices. So, I chose another 3 pairs that should last me another year or two given the increase in investment.

So this is my mini collection of flats that should go with any outfit, casual or otherwise.

  • Castañer brown suede flats with purple bows: Yoox.com – $108
  • Steve Madden Heaven Round Toe Flat – patent red: DSW.com – $24.95
  • ri black patent flats: Ross – $12.99

My favorite pair are the Castañer flats. With a hidden wedge, these shoes  add a bit of height and are quite comfortable to wear. I hope these ones last forever because they are so pretty and well-made.

Overall, I spent less than $150 on these 3 pairs of shoes, which is $55.94 more than I spent last year on flats. These shoes are definitely worth the money for an increase in quality and selection. Plus, they should last longer given the thicker sole and the possibility of re-soling the bottom.

Flat collection….COMPLETE!


We’ve All Got Our Junk…and My Junk is You

24 Nov

This weekend, I finally got to see Spring Awakening!

I heard about Spring Awakening when it first arrived in Broadway, but I never got a chance to see it over there. It won a lot of Tony Awards and it deserved it! With catchy beats, controversial topics, and teen angst…how can you not love it? It’s along the lines of Rent in terms of content and sexuality, though cast with many talented young actors. Spring Awakening is a coming of age story of a group of teens discovering sexuality and the consequences of their actions.

It’s interesting how a play written in 1891 is still very relevant in today’s society. We still deal with the same issues and often, in the same manner as well. Spring Awakening makes you think about the ones we leave behind, the ones society condemns, and the ones that dare disturb the universe. It’s my newest musical love!

What did I wear to this musical?

Since I went to the matinee show, I wanted something warm, yet, day appropriate. Something fun, youthful, and interesting.

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Into the Flatlands

9 Oct

I love flats but I’m pretty picky about them. The pair I owned were Steve Madden ones, but they fell apart after six months of almost daily usage. So, I’m looking for a new pair to last me a couple of years. Despite my love for cheap deals, I think I really should spend more money on quality flats because not only are they made of better quality materials, they should last longer and feel more comfortable.

Some things I look for when shopping for flats:

  • A supported sole: most flats have a thin sole or base which makes it feel like you’re pretty much walking barefoot around town. I prefer to not feel every bump and stone while walking about the neighborhood…so a thicker sole is great to have.
  • A vamp with non-toe cleavage: this is the part of the flat that covers your toes…and I’m not a fan of toe cleavage, so I want a longer vamp
  • A little heel: most flats have a really short heel, but even a little extra can add to the comfort of the shoe and helps it last longer
  • A semi-round, semi-pointed toe: for some reason, rounded toe flats make me feel very childish and pointy toed  flats make me feel vampy…so something in-between like an almond toe is just right.
Here are a couple of my options:
Castañer Ballet Flats
YOOX $108
  • Sueded
  • Rubber sole
  • Bow detailing
  • Narrow toeline

Castañer Ballet Flats
YOOX $225

  • Sueded
  • Rubber sole
  • Bow detailing
  • Narrow toeline

J.Crew Charlie ruffled suede flats
  • Italian suede and finished with a gathered ruffle at the toe
  • Man-made lining and sole
  • Made in Italy

Via Spiga Otis 2 Flat
Nordstrom $185

  • Feminine bow adorns a calf-hair flat fashioned with a black-and-white crocodile print
  • Calf hair upper/leather lining and sole
J.Crew Kelcey suede ballet flats
J.Crew.com $98.00
  • Italian-crafted ballet flats are trimmed with metallic piping to give them a hint of shine
  • Suede upper
  • Man-made lining and sole

I have five options, I’m not sure which one to pick just yet, but I know my max budget is $200. I’m really leaning towards the Castañer ones since they’re so pretty and yet, affordable in certain colors.

Which one should I pick?

How To: Cowboy Boots

2 Oct

I got these awesome Jeffrey Campbell cowboy boots for $40 at a thrift store two months ago but it’s been too hot wear them. Gradually, I’m becoming accustomed to getting second-hand goods, as long as they’re pretty new. The boots looked darn spankin’ new and smelled clean too. I know…smelling isn’t the smartest thing to do, but it smelled like new leather and not stinky feet.

As for when to wear them, there’s no specific season for cowboy boots. You can wear them year round with many different outfits and it’d still be fine. I know it’s not a huge trend for fall this year, but who cares? Cowboy boots will always be around in fashion no matter what.

Here’s a quick way to transition cowboy boots from summer to fall.

Look 1: Summer Flirt

Pair the boots with a loose floral dress for an easy, breezy summer look that’s chic without being uncomfortable.

Fire Los Angeles (Nordstrom) Floral Trapeze Dress ($25)

Look 2: Autumn Casual

As the weather cools down, pair the cowboy boots with some leggings and a shirtdress. It’s a classic outfit with an unusual western twist.

TJ Maxx Striped Shirtdress($15) and Forever 21 Black Leggings ($5.50)

Petite Tips

For the first outfit, the dress was above the knee with a loose empire waist to add some shape and dimension to the body. The boots come up about mid-calf, which can be tricky as it can shorten the leg line, but the proportions of the dress balances it all out.

For the second outfit, it’s pretty much the same concept with the empire waist and a higher hemline. Also, thin vertical stripes help elongate the body without adding bulk. The dark leggings slim the look of the leg, so it it keeps you warm and makes you look smaller at the same time.

Channeling the 80s

12 Aug

I can’t wait for Fall. The trends are all over the place…as it is every year, but there are some things that stay pretty constant. I’m lovin’ the whole rocker look and the blast from the past 80’s influence. There just a comforting sense of nostalgia when I look back on the 80’s. Everything seemed happier, crazier, and cheesier. I know that a ton of stuff happened during that decade, but as for fashion…it was bold, bright, and fun.

Here’s my tribute to the Glam Rock of the 80’s!

  • Slouch Tunic – PacSun ($10)
  • Snake Skin Lame Leggings – Hot Topic ($16)
  • Studded Belt – Claire’s ($10)
  • Navy Suede Booties – Mare (at Nordstrom) (*eeeks! expensive*)

The booties that I got are amazing! They are one of my prized possessions being the most expensive shoe I’ve ever purchased. It was a reward for getting amazing grades for the hardest classes. The detail on the heel is definitely something to behold!

By the way, I need to find a jacket and a bracelet to complete the look, but I’m not sure what yet. I’m leaning towards getting a cropped moto-style jacket from H&M, but it’s $60! That’s something I need to think on before purchasing because I’m not 100% sold on the quality of the garment. As for the bracelet, perhaps a black beaded bracelet or some black plastic bangles?

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The Year of Shoes

8 Aug

This year, I definitely splurged on my fair share of shoes. I found a new love…boots! I took my time looking for the perfect pairs to fit my lifestyle and I’m pretty proud. I got four snazzy pairs of tall boots and two pairs of booties…it’s perfection!

And I went a vintage boutique on Melrose to snag up two pairs of designer heels at 90% off…which still amounted to about $100 a pair…one in brand new, never worn condition, and one slightly worn. But they were a steal and they’re absolutely lovely! Those two were worth the hour wait in line to get these pairs because otherwise I wouldn’t ever be able to afford such luxurious shoes!

For the next five years, I’m thinking that my shoe collection will primarily stay at a standstill because I know that I need to make the most of my purchases this year and I’m pretty satisfied with my current set. Just a couple more to round it out…and I’m good…for a while.

In the future, I’m looking for a couple random items to round out my collection: white keds, black heels, black leather boots, gladiator sandals, and one crazy platform heel.

Shoe Wishlist

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