Hello! I’m Stylepint.

I’m a twenty-something petite who is discovering her personal style and fashion personality. I’m currently in transition between collegiate casual outfits and professional attire despite being away from college for quite some time.

Luckily, life has settled down a lot which allows me to improve my sewing skills to cut down my spending on alterations. Since I want to be better with budget, I try to find quality investment pieces that will be season-less and will last a long time. After all, trends come and go, but style remains forever.

One day, I want to look into my wardrobe and enjoy creating new outfits instead of thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Join me on this little quest to discover a world where petite and style come together.

My Stats

  • Height: 5’1″
  • Weight: 100-105 lbs
  • Size: 30″-24″-33″
  • Shoe Size: 5.5-6

For petite resources, click here.

Life isn’t always about fashion and I do have other interests. Don’t be surprised if I write about things that aren’t fashion-related.

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Fill out the form below to contact me!


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