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Lettin’ Loose

17 Sep

I’m a belter.

When it comes to outfits, it usually involves a belt of some kind. It’s trendy and it’s what everyone is doing, right?

Well, my boyfriend gets tired of this look and he thinks it’s boring and stodgy. Loose blouses should be allowed to billow in the wind, he says. They’re meant to flow, not to be tied down by a belt.

I agree, but a belt makes the outfit look better. It separates the body segments and balances your proportions. Without a belt, you could look shapeless or worse…fat! Not that it’s a bad thing, but who wants to intentionally look bigger than they actually are?

So, I’ve been trying to go belt-less.

Call it a mini-challenge, but I do want to mix up the type of outfits I create since I tend to fall back on the belted look.

Outfit Details: Stella McCartney for GapKids cardigan – M, Martin + Osa tank – 0, Rock & Republic Kiedis jeans – 24, Ross flats

How about you?

Do you belt it up or keep it easy breezy?


Are you Kid-like?

31 Mar

Yes! The summer collection of Stella McCartney for GapKids is out!

It’s cute, it’s bright, and it’s totally summer! I know, it’s a kid’s collection, but I do fit into some of their sizes, so why not go for the more age-neutral pieces?

Personally, I find the tops and dresses to be unflattering on my body since it’s made to be boxy. As for the pants and sweaters, I fare much better. But I’ll need to head to the store to figure out my size if I’m getting any of these items. In the previous collection, I managed to snag a gray cardigan in M, but I’m an L in their regular stock. So we’ll see if the sizes are consistent because I know I haven’t changed much since the last Stella McCartney for GapKids collection.

Here are a couple of my picks:

Day and Night

8 Feb

In classical ballet, everyone moves with such grace and ease that it’s easy to forget all the rigorous training they go through in order to display such elegance. I feel like that’s how it is with personal style. For some, it comes naturally, but for others, they must “train” themselves to find the balance between textures, colors, and silhouettes.

I’ve hit a bit of a rut and I’m reverting to what I know best…cardigans, skinny jeans, scarves, flats, and a chignon. When I can’t think of anything to wear, I pull out this type of outfit.

Outfit Details: GapKids Stella McCartney cardigan M, William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinny jeans 24, Nordstrom cami XS, Steve Madden flats, Forever 21 scarf and purse

During the weekends, I want to explore LA a little bit more. Even though I’ve been here for quite some time, I really don’t know this city very well. So, I’m scouting around for cool nooks around town that jump out at me. I pass by the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) quite often and the streetlight exhibit really caught my eye. Finally, we had a chance to stop by at night and take some photos.

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Scanning the Kid’s Section

9 Nov

A while ago, I heard that Gap revamped their classic 1969 jeans so that it should fit everyone. I’m petite, so I know that pant hemming is a must. The petite sizes are only available online and according to the Gap size chart, I should be a OOP/OP in pants and XXSP/XSP in top. I’m not sure if I should try online shopping at Gap…is it worth it? It quite depressing going to the brick and mortar Gap store loving the styles, but hating the fact that everything was TOO BIG.

Luckily, the GapKids section was a floor away, so I headed over to see if I would fare better. I don’t usually get kids-sized clothing because I’m pretty sure people can tell that it’s kid’s. Some styles are able to transcend the “kid” look into something that passes for adult. Still, I get strange stares from some salespeople and a couple of chuckles, but where do you expect me to go when “adult” sized stores fail me?

I heard that Stella McCartney was doing a collaboration with Gap Kids and the styles seem quite mature for those youngsters. Chic, trendy, and cool…but so…adult. The prices are about the same as regular Gap prices, which I assume is partly accounted for by the collaboration. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to diffusion lines and collaborations because I’m never sure what the quality is going to be like. But since it’s Gap, I figured it has to be on par with Gap quality…not H&M, Target, or Walmart quality.

I went into the kids  department and found a couple of items that could pass for adult apparel.


The overall collection was pretty varied, a couple of basics, some fun prints, and rockin’ outerwear…Stella McCartney did a pretty good job. Plus, the quality wasn’t cheap at all. I’m not sure how true the collection is to her actual line, but it seems to showcase some of her signatures. For example, the jaguar sweater is similar version of one found in her own collection.

I wanted to test out the blazer, but there was none to be found! However, I did try a pair of super skinny jeans in size 14, and a gray cardigan in medium…and they fit almost perfectly. The cardigan was just right, but the jeans were two inches too long. Also, for non-skinny jean styles, I could fit into the size 12, which was kind of weird. Overall, it was quite an enlightening experience to find clothes that fit…only it was GapKids.

Has the world grown that much taller and wider since I last went shopping? I remember several years ago, in middle school and high school, I had grown out of GapKids size 16….and now, I’m a 12/14? Oh how vanity sizing rears its head in the kids section!

I guess I’m not totally against kids sized clothing…as long as it doesn’t make me look like a little kid.