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New Year’s Resolution Part II

21 Feb

So, continuing on from the previous post, here’s the rest of the update on my New Year’s Resolution. (NYR)

My food budget is reining in my eating out expenses and helping me stay healthy. My stomach is weak in the morning, so multi-grain oatmeal is the only thing I can have for breakfast. I’ve been baking a lot more and making things like bread, pound cake, cupcakes, etc. I can’t eat them all at once, so I send them off to my friends.

Instead of eating at chain restaurants, I want to support the local neighborhood and find awesome neighborhood gems…so I’ll keep fast food to a minimum. So far, I’ve found some great places: Le Saint Amour, Ford’s Filling Station, and Cafe Brasil. When I eat at an independent restaurant, it feels special, especially if the chef physically works there!

Overall, I’m doing well on all fronts except shopping. It feels like I’m cutting expenses in all areas of my life in order TO clothes shop, which is not what I had in mind. So, I’ve re-vamped my goal to make it more realistic in the next couple of months. For my closet, I am limited to 30 pairs of shoes with a max budget of $100 per pair. Also, I can purchase clothing that fills the “holes” in my wardrobe such as slim-fitting trousers. As for accessories, I need a more substantial collection that does not consist mostly of Forever 21 wares. The rest of my clothing will adhere to the “one in, one out” rule.

Here’s a quick look at some recent nautical purchases:

Details: Madewell Navy Breton Tee XS, Martin + Osa adjustable belt S/M, Forever 21 fish necklace

All this budgeting, waste-reducing, healthy-lifestyle maintaining effort is not for nothing. I want to be more conscious of my purchases, where it is clothing or whether is it food. We’re so accustomed to fast-food and fast-fashion that I think we all need to take a step back. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in ourselves that we seldom take notice of how quickly the world is changing.

At the airport, I noticed that out of 50 passengers, half were hooked up – on the computer, listening to their ipod, or fiddling with their smartphones. Only two groups, less than 10 people in total, were having a physical conversation/social interaction.

Has technology made us socially isolated and awkward?


Remember Your New Year’s Resolution?

20 Feb

The 1.5 month New Year’s Resolution (NYR) update, part 1 of 2:

Like many, exercising is a top goal, but few continue on past the first month. I haven’t been exercising as regularly as I hoped, but maintaining muscle tone and increasing endurance are my main focal points. Last year, my sole accomplishment was getting ab definition and now I must balance it out with a stronger back. Back dimples anyone?

This year, I’m taking yoga lessons and it’s great for your core, especially if you’re behind a desk for hours on end. All those bends and twists get out those pesky kinks to improve your overall health. Hopefully I can keep better track of my exercise habits so I can stay fit and healthy.

Another section of my NYR includes the 3R’s project (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). I cut my electricity bill in half, which is amazing! By the end of the month, I’ll be plastic bag free (large trash bags aside) since I bring my own grocery bags to the store. As for clothes shopping, I have yet to find a stylish yet durable bag to take with me to the mall…so I still get paper bags when I purchase something. Boo!

Somehow, I got suckered into a LA Times subscription and with the leftover papers I created a side table and recycling the rest. This photo gave me the inspiration:

When it comes to money, I can’t say I’ve always been the best with it. However, I don’t have any outstanding debt and I pay off my credit cards on time. I’m increasing the amount I’m setting aside to savings and I’m keeping better track of my budget.

Besides, I think I keep most of my expenses to a minimum anyways…like the fact I don’t have a TV and therefore, no cable bill. But that doesn’t mean I don’t watch TV shows, I either catch it online or I head over to my friend’s place. I can see my favorite shows and keep in touch with my friends at the same time.

For the most part, I’ve been doing fairly well and with Lent on its way, it’s another motivator to create smaller short-term goals so I can better accomplish my year-end goals. This is the first year that I’ve set up a multi-part NYR and I really want to stick to it.

On a different note, I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics with an itch for snow. Luckily, this weekend I’ll be off to Big Bear to hit the slopes! YAY!

Happy New Year!

1 Jan

A new year, another new beginning.

I’ve finalized my New Year’s resolution and it’s over a page long outlined with long term and short term goals. I won’t be posting it, but I can provide the quick and dirty description.

Live better, love the earth, and have fun!

2009 is over, but there are so many memories I’ll keep forever. There truly is no time like the present to enjoy life and expand your horizons. After all, if you never take any risks, how can you know what life has to offer?

As for shopping, I’ve gotten better in keeping my budget. I avoided the malls and shops during the holiday season which saved me loads of cash for which I’m thankful. It makes me more creative with the things I already have and makes me re-evaluate the necessity of a new clothing item.

For the new year, I’d love to collect more day dresses and feminine tops to inject a little retro influence. Plus, I must improve my sewing skills so that I can make more elaborate creations. I wish I could think of a clothing item and create it at a moment’s notice with expert grace. Alas, I’ll have to stick to the old adage: Practice makes perfect.

Happy New Year Everyone! =)