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A Fall Wishlist Part 1/3

8 Sep

Since I put myself on a shopping ban for this month, I created a wishlist of outfits that I can see myself wearing.

It’s pretty tame, but the subtle details and pops of color reflect my personality. I tend to shy away from matchy-matchy accessories, opting for colors and materials that complement one another but still go together.

A basic work look with a blazer and trousers sounds boring, however, adding some jewel tones makes it visually interesting. There are several key elements that make this look modern, incorporating some trends without being over-styled.

  • Mix materials from wool to suede for 3D texture
  • Fitted/tailored pieces make the body look sleek and slim
  • High-waisted wide leg pants create a sophisticated silhouette
  • A blouse with a bateau neckline balances the body proportions
  • Minimal but vibrantly textured accessories ties it all together

Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters blazer, Urban Outfitters blouse, Theory trousers, Madewell brooch, Forever 21 cuff, Coach satchel, Fergie Tazed heels

Not only am I creating these outfits to pine over what I don’t have, I’m using them as templates.

I love wearing pants so the outfit above is definitely one I would wear. I have some similar items, so improvising an outfit based on this inspiration shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m looking forward to fall and I don’t mind the ban so far.

How about you readers?

What’s on your fall wishlist? What trends are you excited about?


Review: Theory Ibbey Pant

11 May

Just like finding a great pair of jeans, a great pair of trousers is just as difficult to find.

I wanted a pair of slim fitting pants in suiting material that was of good quality and fit me perfectly. I had marginal success with Banana Republic but I didn’t buy the pair because it didn’t make me feel special. They fit decently, but they were kind of…eh.

Thus, I wandered into Theory and tried on a few pairs of pants. It seemed like AlterationsNeeded and PetiteAsianGirl from ExtraPetite had success with jackets and skirts, but what about pants?

I tested out two pairs of pants in size 00 since last time I tried on size 0 pants, they practically fell off me.

At first glance, the Cerdwin K pant had good potential since they were considered “drainpipe” leg elongators. However, in size 00, the pant felt loose overall and had a gap in the waist area. It looked unflattering on my frame. Plus, in the Cupid fabric, the material composition was 71% viscose, 23% polyamide, and 6% elastane which meant that it had a stretchy, knit-like quality that felt a bit strange. I had to pass on this style.

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Weekend Warriors

20 Apr

Another weekend has flown by and yet again, I was playing tour guide. This time, it was with my sis who was visiting…but she only lives less than 2 hours away. Still, since she thinks she’ll be heading back to San Francisco in the near future, she wanted to cross off some things on her list before she leaves Southern California.

Today’s main stop was the Getty Center.

It was such a great day to enjoy the museum in all its many components. From the clean spacious museum galleries to the colorful garden outdoors, I definitely had my fill of art and nature. I really did like their fountains, especially the main one because you can scale closer to the rocks and it has that aged look to it to give it some character.

My sis had fun the central garden with all the different plants and flowers. I can’t wait until everything is in full bloom because then it would seem much fuller than it is now. Since it’s only been spring for a few weeks, everything is newly sprouted and it doesn’t quite have the same impact as it does in the summer. Still, it was nice to relax on the lawn and check out the random sculpture gardens.

It’s been a while since I last visited the Getty Center, I didn’t even know they had a cactus garden! It’s not much but it’s nice to see some succulents and spiky cacti. My sis took this candid…and it’s not my fave, but it does show my full outfit. Nothing fancy, but perfect for walking around a museum.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa cardigan XS, J.Crew silk streamers cami 0P (last seen), Madewell jeggings S, Swarovski crystal pendant necklace, Colehaan Saddle Soft Satchel in Ginger Pearlized, Castañer flats, Ray Ban sunglasses

How To: White Jeans

4 Aug

I got a new pair of white jeans and it’s always interesting to see what new outfits I can wear with this item. Usually, before I purchase something, I want to make sure that I can make at least 3 outfits with it.

From the usual casual look that I love to something more dressed up, I love mixing and matching. In keeping with the summer season, the looks are quite light and fresh. Perhaps as the season starts to change, I’ll come up with looks for Fall with white jeans.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Look 1:

A nice flowing blouse paired with skinny jeans balances out the body and the gold hardware adds some glitz to make the outfit pop. Gladiator sandals a bit of trendiness without overdoing it.

Beach Time

Look 2:

For something a bit dressy and a bit romantic, this nice blouse with a bow is perfect. Add a couple of ribboned pearls and charm bracelet accessories…this outfit has a subtle femininity that’s perfect for a first date!

Date Night

Look 3:

For an office look, this casual yet professional outfit has a touch of nautical flourishes without looking like a sailor. A bit conservative but body conscious…it’s a colorful outfit for work.

Casual Work Outfit

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