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DIY Part II: Sweater Clip

25 Sep

Is Glee single-handedly bringing back sweater clips?

It seems so as more episodes of Emma Pillsbury (as played byJayma Mays) display more versions of some lovely vintage sweater clips. At first, I thought she was wearing an interesting brooch/necklace. Then I looked it up and it turns out it’s a 1950’s accessories trend that went out of style as people moved away from the sock hop look.

However, cardigans and these clips are back with a vengeance! No longer are they for adorning your old lady library sweaters, they’re perfect for adding some bling to your neckline a lá collar. So clip this little vintage trinket and you’re ready for sweet surprise.

The perfect accessory that’s like a necklace…only not! Tehee!

I saw this owl sweater guard clip debut on Glee Episode 1, as worn by Emma Pillsbury. (Jayma Mays) It’s no longer available on Etsy and no matter how hard I scoured Ebay, no luck. So, I decided to make my own version.

With cost of all the materials, it was easily less than $20 at Michael’s.

Plus, I got a nearly brand new vest clip for $1.99 from Goodwill.

The pearls were pretty sweet at $5.99 for about 14″.

And of course, who can forget the owl? It’s a swinging owl, so it has some movement, which I kind of like anyways.

I’m making a more modern uptake on the vintage sweater clip by connecting the string of pearls to the vest clip and attaching the owl to the head of the vest clip. It only takes a couple of minutes and some fidgeting, but in the end, it’s worth it!

I forgot to take pictures of it before I moved, so it’s packed away somewhere. But I’ll have it up soon!


A DIY In Progress

14 Sep

I love watching the new TV series, Glee.

Plus, Emma Pillsbury’s character has great style! In the first episode, she wore this owl sweater clip and it’s so lovely and unique…I wanted to find it. Alas, on Etsy, it was sold out, so I’m thinking of making my own version of the sweater clip.

I’ll keep you posted as I gather all the materials and such.

Here’s the episode, the sweater clip debuts around 37:00-39:00. Enjoy!

I wish I was fatter…

7 Sep

…so I could fit perfectly into J.Crew clothes!

Some people lose weight to squeeze into their clothes, but I need to gain weight to fill them out. Or we all need to find clothes that actually fit our bodies. We force ourselves into things that don’t quite fit because it’s too cute and we MUST have it.

I love J.Crew for its classic styles, colorful choices, and the way they put outfits together…it’s DIVINE! It makes work apparel more interesting than the black, brown, navy, gray, and khaki suiting you typically find in the office.

What is the appeal of J.Crew?

  • High quality, diverse styles, and fun colors for casual office attire
  • In the Glee TV show, Emma Pillsbury seemingly wears the J.Crew aesthetic
  • The First Family loves these color-coordinating outfits (It’s especially adorable on the kids!)

Usually, the clothes at the brick and mortar stores are too big and I have to resort to ordering online in the petite section or find the smallest size they carry. I dislike online stores because I prefer trying things on and seeing how it hangs on my frame before I purchase something. Just because the model looks good doesn’t mean I will in that outfit.

Currently, I own three things from J.Crew:

1. Velvet Ecolé blazer in 0P

My first J.Crew purchase and it’s good fit if a tad boxy.

2. White Matchstick denim in 25R

On me, it’s a mid-rise and I took in 1.5″ at the waist and 3″ from the inseam. Great shape…but perhaps I’ll try the Toothpick style next time and find those 25Short sizes. Hopefully, they add more denim to the petites department!

3. Perfect Pencil Skirt in 00P

Almost perfect…if it was just one size smaller, I wouldn’t have to tailor it. Since it’s the smallest size, I did take in about 2″ in the waistband and slight slimming.

In my little ventures to J.Crew, I still have to rely on additional tailoring to have perfectly fitting clothes. But since they have 00 sizes in regular and petites, it increases the likelihood that I’ll be returning to the store not-so-empty-handed!

Random Facts: J.Crew opened a line for casual denim wear named Madewell. Also, they have teacher and student discounts!

In the Glee TV show, Emma Pillsbury seemingly wears the J.Crew aesthetic