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The Look: Deconstructing the Schoolboy

17 Aug

The other day, I was browsing through the J.Crew website and my boyfriend came by to see what I was doing on the computer. Without any prompting, he started picking out items that he thought I could pull off.

One of them was this photo.

It’s androgynous. It’s feminine. It’s classic. But it’s also very modern.

My boyfriend can usually pick out things that match my style, but he also pushes the envelope with items I don’t normally wear. He’s more adventurous with my closet choices than I am!

I let him be critical and I don’t get hurt if he doesn’t like something I really like. Plus, I try my best not to corner him with the “Does this make me look fat?” question. We can agree to disagree.

Back to the outfit photo, I think it’s too reminiscent of my private school days and who wants to wear a uniform? But my boyfriend replied that it’s a nod to the whole schoolboy look while keeping it contemporary and sexy.

The jeans make it sexy. (So he says.)

If you break the outfit down to its basic parts, it’s very simple. The white shirt and the cardigan give off the business look, but the jeans and rolled up sleeves make it more casual. Adding the tie is the final touch that makes it outfit pop. It’s a bit unusual and yet, it works in the photo.

But can I really pull it off?

I looked through my closet and I found a couple of items similar to the ones features in the J.Crew picture and I think I did a pretty good job replicating the look.

Outfit Details: Talula cardigan – XXS (Artizia), Banana Republic button down – XSP, William Rast Ultra Skinny Jerri Jeans – 24, borrowed tie, Aldo pumps

What do you think…a DO or a DON’T? And for what occasion would this be appropriate to wear?


The Look: Double Florals

28 Jul

When it comes to pattern mixing, there’s not much advice for petites.

For me, I love color and I’m working on adding more patterns to my collection. So when I looked into my closet today and realized that I bought two floral items in a sort of reverse color scheme, I had to test it out.

Here’s how I would normally wear it, with the top tucked in.

Outfit Details: Martin+Osa cardigan – XS, Madewell tunic – XS, Forever 21 skirt- S, Gap obi belt – S, Forever 21 necklace,  Aldo pumps

But then, I thought, how about leaving it untucked?

Would it look just as good or better?

I think it looks decent, but I probably need a different belt since it’s getting lost amidst the print. I tried wearing it without a belt and it just felt like it was missing something but I don’t know what.

Any suggestions?

Outfit Details: Martin+ Osa cardigan – XS, Madewell tunic – XS, Forever 21 skirt- S, Urban Outfitters braided belt – S, Forever 21 necklace,  Aldo pumps

The Look: A Petite Suit – Separated

26 Jul

Everyone needs at least one three piece suit right?

Well, I don’t need to wear suits so I only have one three piece suit and it’s from Banana Republic in 00P (pants are 0P). (I’m over BR, but it doesn’t mean I’ll eliminate all BR items from my closet.)  I bought it 3-4 years ago when I was starting to job hunt and I picked it up for $150 on sale in Boston when I was visiting a friend. At the time, it fit pretty well and I thought it looked nice. But when I brought it home, my mom thought it looked too matronly when I wore it as a suit.

Even now, I don’t think I can pull off this particular look. I was never a fan of the pantsuit, but even the skirt suit seems odd when I see myself in it. Perhaps when I turn 30, I can wear this outfit, but for now, it’s a little too “old” for me.

I’ve been back to BR multiple times, but I just haven’t found a suit that looked and fit so well that would warrant another purchase. But I am on the lookout for a cute blazer.

Instead of wearing these items together, I wear them separately and it works out fine. Even though the pants and the skirt are in 0P and 00P respectively, they are now too loose for me to wear, so I had them taken in by 2-3 inches at the waist. I guess my body is becoming more womanly with a slimmer waist and more defined hips and not because I’ve lost weight (well, maybe I kept off 5 lbs the last few years…but that doesn’t count).

Here are a couple of outfits I’d wear with these suit pieces. I tried to keep the clothes as similar as possible so you can see how it’s styled.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa cardigan – XS, Anthropologie Pearly Glow Tank – XS, Banana Republic pants – 0P (waist taken in), Forever 21 necklace, Aldo pumps

Outfit Details: Banana Republic blazer – 00P, Anthropologie tank – XS, Theory Ibbey Pant – 00P, Forever 21 necklace, Payless pumps

Outfit Details: American Eagle cardigan – XS, Anthropologie tank – XS, Banana Republic skirt – 00p (waist taken in), Jcrew skinny belt – S, Forever 21 necklace, Aldo pumps

The Look: The Romper

22 Jul

The romper, the jumpsuit, and the playsuit have been a summer staple for quite some time but there’s always mixed emotions about them. Some say they’re too childish, outlandish, or just plain weird.

For me, I think it depends on the style and cut of the romper that can make or break it. It took me quite some time to find a romper that I really loved and even when I purchased it on clearance in the middle of winter, I wasn’t sure if I’d still like come summer.  But once I pulled it out, I fell in love with it all over again.

Though it’s not supposed to be wrinkly, I love the texture that is added to the garment, it makes it more distinctive.

Outfit Details: Mike & Chris silk romper – XS, Forever 21 bangles, random chandelier earrings, Charles David Awaken wedges

Instead of making this romper beach casual (with flip flops + fedora), I wanted to dress it up so I could wear it out for dinner near the beach.

The Look: Oversized Sweater

12 Jul

Since my beloved Martin + Osa is closing, I was able to snag a couple more items to add to my collection before it disappears forever. One was this oversized sweater. Well, it’s a regular sweater but I bought it in XL because I loved the color and the slouchiness it brings.

I decided to go a little crazy with my hairstyle to give it that anime-feel during the weekend. It was kind of interesting walking down Main Street…everyone was so surf-bum-ish…I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa sweater – XL, Madewell skinny jeans – 24, Old Navy tank – XS, Forever 21 pendant, Colehaan Saddle Soft Satchel

You’d think that being LA, it’d be blazing hot…but it’s actually been kind of overcast and cool lately. Still, after walking around for two hours, I did get a mild tan. Very mild.

Just for fun…a little GIF.

I’m PALE! (And I don’t tan well.)

Photo Credit – S.

The Look: Menswear

9 Jul

I got my Nordstrom catalog this weekend and while flipping through it, I was inspired by the fall colors and the menswear looks. Though it’s clearly too early to break out the fall gear, the overcast weather here makes me lean toward the darker colors.

Plus, with my new hair, I’m sure I can pull off the menswear look better than when I had the bob.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa tuxedo shirt – XS, Theory Kissan Pant – 00, J.Crew skinny belt – S, Payless black pumps

When I think of a man’s outfit, it usually consists of three main items (aside from the tie)

Button-down shirt + Black Trousers + Belt = Basic Men’s Outfit

So doing a play on the traditional look, I paired a tuxedo shirt with a pleated harem pant for texture and visual interest. The skinny belt provides a pop of color to complete the look. Since the pant sits on my hip, it elongates my torso while the heels keep the body proportions in balance.

As I was walking around, someone mentioned that I looked more confident with this particular look, but I think it’s the hair.