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Bandages Anyone?

15 Jun

I was cleaning out my inspiration folder and I came across this photo of Michelle Williams. I love her outfit and I adore her bandage skirt. It’s different yet flattering, but I can’t figure out where it’s from!


I have a bandage skirt of my own, but I don’t wear it very often because I’m self-conscious of my hips and thighs, which is exactly the area the skirt accentuates. To me, they’re humungous and for a while, I was a size bigger on bottom than on top. Since I’ve been exercising more regularly, the “fatness” has slimmed down some. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to bust out wearing short shorts and such.

The beauty of camera angles is that you can “hide” your flaws but when you’re romping around town, you can’t hide anything. There is no “good side” when you’re on the street.

So how did I wear the bandage skirt?

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Where Did I Go?

26 Feb

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been having some internet problems and I’m working on a couple of projects that you’ll soon find interesting. No worries, I’ll have plenty of photos to put up soon enough.

But for now, here’s my “going-out” outfit from the other weekend.

It’s quite sad to think that I have only one dress that fits like a glove and it’s this one from Arden B. I had posted about it a while back, but I haven’t worn it around that much. Since I’ve been kicking up my workouts, I noticed that this dress is slowly starting to get loose. It seems like I’ll need to pick up a corset or some sort of shapewear to add bulk to my midsection to prevent this dress from falling down!

By the way, I’m sorry about photo quality…in one, my camera only wants to focus on my shoes, and in the second one, I have that angry face. LOL. I’ll take better photos next time!

Outfit Details: Arden B tulip dress XS, People’s Liberation for Charlotte Russe asterisk shawl cardigan, Forever 21 tights, Payless pumps

October Shopping Goal

1 Oct

Last month, I created a $50 budget for accessories and $0 for clothes and shoes.


For accessories, I ended up spending about $35 on a Anne Klein Silk Scarf and the DIY sweater clip…not bad. But towards the end of the month, I purchased $96 in clothes at Arden B! They suckered me in with the whole ‘Buy One Get One Half Off‘ deal.

What did I end up getting for $96?


I got the embellished tiered dress and a bandage mini skirt. As long as I have an occasion to wear these items, they’re worth it. I did need a casual black skirt, because the only other one I have is a pencil skirt…and whenever I wear it, it looks like I’m going to work. At least I didn’t buy pants or shoes because that would be completely unneccessary.

So, for this month, I’m continuing the September budget. No spending on clothes and shoes, but $50 for accessories. Let’s hope I have more self-control this time around!

Petite Musings: Arden B.

26 Aug

Usually I avoid clubbing style stores such as Guess, Bebe, and Arden B. because it’s not really my style. But, I stopped by Arden B. and found some really cute stuff this time around. The skirts, dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits caught my eye and I started roaming through the racks. There was a bright, colorful look to the whole place which made it easy to shop around.

Random Fact: Arden B. is owned by Wet Seal Inc.

I found a couple items and tried them on. I wasn’t really looking for pants or tops, so I’m not sure about the fit. Still, I have a feeling that they can run pretty small. The rompers and jumpsuits in XS fit quite well on bottom, but the tops were large and baggy. I know it’s the style to have some volume in the top, but it was not proportional to my body and it looked overwhelming. So, I had to let go of those pretty rompers.

Next, I tried on the following dress in XS.

Amazingly, it fit like a glove! It’s beautiful, decently-constructed, and has pockets. The only downside was that the zipper wasn’t that great, but it does the job. The dress had all the right curves in all the right places. I knew that I had to get this one.

Perfect for date night!

Sizing Notes

I’ve seen size 0 and XS in stores, but I’m not sure about the 00. Anyways, here’s the size chart from the Arden B. website: