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DIY: Fixing a Tear

16 Jul

My friend got a major tear in his khakis but he really loved these pants that he wore them until someone thought he was homeless.

So I told him I could fix it if he wanted.

When I got them, they were just washed, but I didn’t know the extent of the damage. It turned out that it wasn’t just a simple tear, it was three in parallel.

I was a bit surprised, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I picked up two patches and matching thread for less than $5 to get started.

Since the patches were fairly large, they looked unsightly on the outside, so I applied them on the inside of the pant. Then I sewed the tear down to prevent it from getting any bigger or more frayed to give it that “destroyed” look.

The view from the inside of the pant isn’t too pretty, but at least you can see how it looks from the inside. I know I didn’t follow the traditional way of repairing a tear, but it works fine.

Things You Need

  • 2 Heavy Canvas Iron-On Patches
  • Matching Thread
  • Iron / Ironing Table
  • Sewing Machine


  1. Take two heavy canvas iron-on patches and apply them to the back of the tear. (Inside out)
  2. Iron on the patches and wait for the bond to set
  3. Invert the pants and sew down the tear using a diagonal stitch

The completed result isn’t very fancy, but it does the job and it’s heavily reinforced so I doubt it’ll fall apart any time soon.


To Infinity and Beyond

13 May

A while back, I made my own version of DKNY’s infinity dress.

Since then, I slightly shorted the dress but I think I might have to re-do the entire dress since its construction wasn’t completely thought out. In my stack of projects, I have another version to create in the near future so that it can be worn without a back middle seam. But I haven’t had time to execute it just yet.

Anyways, I thought I should at least put up another way to wear the dress…as a halter. There are many ways to wear this dress, but I’ve found that some creativity and experimentation is key in discovering ways to wear it. From American Apparel to DKNY, there are several explanations of how to create a specific style, but I haven’t quite figured them all out. Additionally, I can’t pull off some of those looks because it’s a bit too wacky for my taste.

Excuse the wrinkles on the dress, I was trying to steam it out, but it didn’t exactly work out.

Directions to style the dress:

  1. Take the two top pieces and cross it in the back and bring it to the front.
  2. Twist the fabric twice and then bring it to the back of the neck and tie a knot.
  3. Adjust the height of the twists between the chest area.

Just Keep Sewing…

29 Jan

So after watching the new season of Project Runway, I picked up my inspiration book and started a new sewing project. I’ve been bad posting up the finished products because usually, it still needs tweaking and after a while, I forget about it.

Anyways, I finished this project in ONE DAY…but that’s because I already knew what the finished product should look like. However, I estimated my fabric incorrectly and the band is short by 10 inches and really, it should be 15 inches longer. So it’s not as flexible as I wanted it to be, but it works. If I want to cough up the extra money to buy more fabric, I’ll fix it, but for now, I’m fairly pleased with the result.

What did I make?

An infinity dress version that’s similar to the one by Donna Karan. It has the same silhouette, but DKNY’s is obviously better constructed and without a back seam. The official DKNY dress costs $895.

There are other versions of this convertible style dress from Victoria Secret, American Apparel, Etsy, bridal boutiques…you name it…it’s there. But I happen to like Donna Karan’s version because it’s a bit more sophisticated.

It cost me about $45 because I bought 3 yards of expensive fabric that I didn’t fully utilize. I needed the 3 yards of continuous fabric for the band but I can make something else with the extra fabric, so really it’s less than $20 for the dress.

The Result

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December Goals and Scarves

1 Dec

I made it through Black Friday without any purchases!

But the fight isn’t over. I still need to get through all of December without any excessive spending. I’m keeping the same budget as before, $50 for accessories, and $50 for clothing.

As for my November shopping goals, I didn’t do that great, but I’m slowing down my need to spend. Maybe it’s because the media is telling me to shop that makes me unmotivated to shop. At least I’m doing fine shopping my own closet.

Since it’s December, I figure I should bust out some scarves to get into the holiday spirit. I’m loving print scarves…but really, anything that accents an outfit will do. A simple scarf can add a pop of color or some visual interest to any old outfit.

If you’re looking for new ways to wear your scarf, check out this website…it’s a good resource!

How To: White Jeans

4 Aug

I got a new pair of white jeans and it’s always interesting to see what new outfits I can wear with this item. Usually, before I purchase something, I want to make sure that I can make at least 3 outfits with it.

From the usual casual look that I love to something more dressed up, I love mixing and matching. In keeping with the summer season, the looks are quite light and fresh. Perhaps as the season starts to change, I’ll come up with looks for Fall with white jeans.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Look 1:

A nice flowing blouse paired with skinny jeans balances out the body and the gold hardware adds some glitz to make the outfit pop. Gladiator sandals a bit of trendiness without overdoing it.

Beach Time

Look 2:

For something a bit dressy and a bit romantic, this nice blouse with a bow is perfect. Add a couple of ribboned pearls and charm bracelet accessories…this outfit has a subtle femininity that’s perfect for a first date!

Date Night

Look 3:

For an office look, this casual yet professional outfit has a touch of nautical flourishes without looking like a sailor. A bit conservative but body conscious…it’s a colorful outfit for work.

Casual Work Outfit

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