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An Edgy Sailor…Maybe?

1 Mar

I already professed my love of nautical gear recently, but how about mixing styles?

Downtown chic meets French sailor.

Outfit Details: Madewell Breton tunic XS, Pencey moto vest XS, Pacsun capris 00, Forever 21 fish pendant, Corso Como boots

I was absolutely aching for the Pencey moto vest in an old post and I’m glad I make the purchase because the (silk) material makes it more interesting than a leather one. Plus, I didn’t find any biker jackets, denim vests, and other moto paraphernalia that accentuated my figure in a positive way. Most were boxy, loose, and chunky even if I somehow managed to find the right size.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m making an effort to add some detail shots in conjunction with the outfit pictures. At times, it’s difficult to see the details and it kind of helps with a closer eye. Plus, I’m figuring out how to capture a certain moodiness that makes the photo more “powerful” but I’m not quite sure if I’m there yet.

It’s another month closer to spring and I’m preparing for beach season with an increase in workouts. I’m be slowing down the spending in all areas for March and I’m a bit shopped out. There hasn’t been much to catch my eye as of late, which is good for my wallet and it gives me more opportunity to reconnect with my closet and find new outfits that I hadn’t thought of before.


New Year’s Resolution Part II

21 Feb

So, continuing on from the previous post, here’s the rest of the update on my New Year’s Resolution. (NYR)

My food budget is reining in my eating out expenses and helping me stay healthy. My stomach is weak in the morning, so multi-grain oatmeal is the only thing I can have for breakfast. I’ve been baking a lot more and making things like bread, pound cake, cupcakes, etc. I can’t eat them all at once, so I send them off to my friends.

Instead of eating at chain restaurants, I want to support the local neighborhood and find awesome neighborhood gems…so I’ll keep fast food to a minimum. So far, I’ve found some great places: Le Saint Amour, Ford’s Filling Station, and Cafe Brasil. When I eat at an independent restaurant, it feels special, especially if the chef physically works there!

Overall, I’m doing well on all fronts except shopping. It feels like I’m cutting expenses in all areas of my life in order TO clothes shop, which is not what I had in mind. So, I’ve re-vamped my goal to make it more realistic in the next couple of months. For my closet, I am limited to 30 pairs of shoes with a max budget of $100 per pair. Also, I can purchase clothing that fills the “holes” in my wardrobe such as slim-fitting trousers. As for accessories, I need a more substantial collection that does not consist mostly of Forever 21 wares. The rest of my clothing will adhere to the “one in, one out” rule.

Here’s a quick look at some recent nautical purchases:

Details: Madewell Navy Breton Tee XS, Martin + Osa adjustable belt S/M, Forever 21 fish necklace

All this budgeting, waste-reducing, healthy-lifestyle maintaining effort is not for nothing. I want to be more conscious of my purchases, where it is clothing or whether is it food. We’re so accustomed to fast-food and fast-fashion that I think we all need to take a step back. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in ourselves that we seldom take notice of how quickly the world is changing.

At the airport, I noticed that out of 50 passengers, half were hooked up – on the computer, listening to their ipod, or fiddling with their smartphones. Only two groups, less than 10 people in total, were having a physical conversation/social interaction.

Has technology made us socially isolated and awkward?

How To: White Jeans

4 Aug

I got a new pair of white jeans and it’s always interesting to see what new outfits I can wear with this item. Usually, before I purchase something, I want to make sure that I can make at least 3 outfits with it.

From the usual casual look that I love to something more dressed up, I love mixing and matching. In keeping with the summer season, the looks are quite light and fresh. Perhaps as the season starts to change, I’ll come up with looks for Fall with white jeans.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Look 1:

A nice flowing blouse paired with skinny jeans balances out the body and the gold hardware adds some glitz to make the outfit pop. Gladiator sandals a bit of trendiness without overdoing it.

Beach Time

Look 2:

For something a bit dressy and a bit romantic, this nice blouse with a bow is perfect. Add a couple of ribboned pearls and charm bracelet accessories…this outfit has a subtle femininity that’s perfect for a first date!

Date Night

Look 3:

For an office look, this casual yet professional outfit has a touch of nautical flourishes without looking like a sailor. A bit conservative but body conscious…it’s a colorful outfit for work.

Casual Work Outfit

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