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A Sneak Peek

30 Sep

Later tonight is the second round of the Petite Fashion Challenge hosted by Kelly of AlterationsNeeded. I don’t want to give away my whole look, so this is just a quick glimpse of what’s coming up.

If you couldn’t tell already, my hair is getting longer and I haven’t stopped by the salon yet. Since it’s been blazing lately, I’m enjoying the shorter hair since I don’t have to tie it up.

Right now, it’s at that stage where I’ve moved away from the Justin Bieber hair to the Alice from Twilight look. Not sure which one I prefer but it’s kind of nice to experiment with this length.

Maybe I’ll even get it curled so it looks wavy.

Do you think I should grow it out or cut it short?


The Look: Menswear

9 Jul

I got my Nordstrom catalog this weekend and while flipping through it, I was inspired by the fall colors and the menswear looks. Though it’s clearly too early to break out the fall gear, the overcast weather here makes me lean toward the darker colors.

Plus, with my new hair, I’m sure I can pull off the menswear look better than when I had the bob.

Outfit Details: Martin + Osa tuxedo shirt – XS, Theory Kissan Pant – 00, J.Crew skinny belt – S, Payless black pumps

When I think of a man’s outfit, it usually consists of three main items (aside from the tie)

Button-down shirt + Black Trousers + Belt = Basic Men’s Outfit

So doing a play on the traditional look, I paired a tuxedo shirt with a pleated harem pant for texture and visual interest. The skinny belt provides a pop of color to complete the look. Since the pant sits on my hip, it elongates my torso while the heels keep the body proportions in balance.

As I was walking around, someone mentioned that I looked more confident with this particular look, but I think it’s the hair.

A Shorter But Not Short Enough Haircut

6 May

I finally got a haircut since my head started feeling really heavy and I was getting headaches from the additional weight of my hair. I’m not really used to long hair anymore, so shorter is better.

Originally, I planned to get my hair cut like Carey Mulligan’s but since my sister’s graduation is coming up in a few months, I wanted to make sure I looked at least decent for the photos.

So, I reverted back to a style I know looks more sophisticated than my current one. I had a similar cut 4+ years go in New York, when I was there to visit a friend.

It looked pretty good then, so I asked my stylist for the same look, an A-line straight bob with slight layering. He did a fantastic job and I think it turned out even better than when I had it cut in New York.

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A New Year, A New Haircut

6 Jan

Every year around this time, I feel the need to change my hairstyle. Two years ago, I gave up hair dye because it makes my hair unhealthy. I also got bangs to make my high forehead less noticeable. This year, I want to chop it all off.

At first, I wanted something like this…

Which one should I choose?

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