A New Year, A New Haircut

6 Jan

Every year around this time, I feel the need to change my hairstyle. Two years ago, I gave up hair dye because it makes my hair unhealthy. I also got bangs to make my high forehead less noticeable. This year, I want to chop it all off.

At first, I wanted something like this…

Which one should I choose?

I can’t really decide which style I like better….Alexa Chung, Ginnifer Goodwin, or Carey Mulligan’s. There are pros and cons for each and I’m not entirely sure these styles will look good on me. According to my younger sis, these styles will age me into a dowdy thirty-something and not a hip twenty-something.

Despite such sharp words, I can’t help but wonder what I’d look like if I did have shorter hair. At one point, I had a chin-length bob, though it coincided with some weight gain…so I ended up looking like a pudgy balloon-face. Thus, a regular straight bob isn’t the way to go, but how about the other short hair options?

Last year, I had my sis cut my hair because I had bad experiences at the salon. Then again, I went to the hair academy where the stylists weren’t exactly experienced. This is what happened last December.

It wasn’t too bad when my hair grew out but for a couple of days, it was definitely noticeable that everything was a bit uneven. You can’t argue with a free haircut…you get what you pay for…especially when it comes from an un-experienced haircutting relative. So I decided that getting free haircuts from my relatives or myself is not worth the embarrassment…unless they have real salon experience.

This year, I want to try something different. But once I got to the salon, I chickened out and went with a shorter version of my current hairstyle. Perhaps in a month or so, I might have the guts to go shorter.

When I was at home, I went to a salon in SF Chinatown which meant that I’d look a bit fobby for the first couple of weeks, but I know that later on, my hair would be rockin’. After the haircut, I do like the length and the layers, but I’m still waiting for  my bangs to grow out so it’s not so fobby looking.

Here’s the before and after:


5 Responses to “A New Year, A New Haircut”

  1. MizzJ January 6, 2010 at 12:53 PM #

    Hmm I think I agree, a shorter cut is very hard to pull off unless you have a sort of elfin looking face. I actually like the bangs on you! Maybe a slightly longer version of Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair would look best?

  2. PetiteAsianGirl January 6, 2010 at 8:21 PM #

    I like the “after” look in the first before and after post. Makes you neck look long and I actually like how it’s a little choppy … maybe some texturizer would add more to the look.

  3. Nicole January 6, 2010 at 10:18 PM #

    hi there! thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on my 40 day shopping ban, or the end of it at least ha!

    it was fun creating new outfits and i still challenge myself to do that every day except that i can’t wear my creations to work, damn office/business wear! kills my creativity. any way… i love bangs on you in both sets of photos. you have the face shape and the right sized forehead (sorry that sounds weird i know) to wear both side-swept and fringe bangs. the sideswept ones are more of a simple, effortless look while the fringe ones are def more chic. i like both on you so def keep the bangs! as for length, i guess i’m biased because i like long hair. my face is a little round too but my chin points out so it emphasizes the roundness of my cheeks so i can’t do anything shorter than shoulder-length. i say keep it long but if you want change then go for it, why not?

    happy new year! xo

  4. Sexist Stay-at-home Dad January 27, 2010 at 4:37 PM #


    Speaking of hair…

    What did the brain surgeon say to the rocket scientist?

    Answer: You know, it doesn’t take a hair stylist to figure this out.

    • stylepint January 28, 2010 at 3:54 PM #

      Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by! =)

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