Thrifty Bargains

28 Jul

Since I’ve put myself on a shopping hiatus from malls, shopping centers, and chain stores, I’m suffering from the lack of retail therapy. I decided to try “thrift” shopping and see if I could get into that whole craze. Second-hand items aren’t really at the top of my list because…who knows what the previous person did to those clothes?

Anyways, I took up thrifting again after a failed first attempt in Santa Monica. This time, I was heading over to Beverly Hills…Fairfax Ave. There were 4 thrift shops within walking distance so I decided to head over and check it out. I found two cotton/silk blend tops, which were in pretty good condition. I don’t think I’ll venture back to these places because they were pretty dusty, shady…and kinda kooky. Well, the Goodwill was pretty new, but it didn’t have much to offer.

I knew Westwood had a couple of thrift stores…Thank You Mart and Buffalo Exchange. The Thank You Mart is more for costumes and it’s cheap, almost every item for $5 each. But instead, I opted for Buffalo Exchange because most of their sellers would be college students…and their fashions can’t be that outdated. It turns out that I was right…lots of good quality clothing, a bit pricey compared to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Out of the Closet…but it’s worth it right? Well, I ended up with a Gap silk wrap dress. I may return to Buffalo Exchange, but it’s kind of on the more expensive side of thrifting.

The next target: Melrose!

Forever 21 Blouse

Express BlouseGap Silk Wrap Dress

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