Channeling the First Lady

8 Jan

For work attire, my style is pretty boring. I don’t put as much effort into my work clothes as I do my casual outfits. In my head, the options are limited and there are only so many ways to mix and match.

Plus, I’ve been losing weight for the past year and now ALL the bottoms for my work wardrobe are too loose. Everything that used to sit on my waist now hang low on my hips.  I don’t plan on getting any slimmer in the waist area, and my weight has been pretty stable for the past 3 months so it’s about time to take everything to the tailor and have it taken in…again.

There is one bright spot to pump up my work wardrobe and that’s to take inspiration from the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I love her style and how she really makes a simple silhouette pop with color, patterns, and accessories. Though she does wear a lot of formal gowns, her more causal outfits gives me hope that work attire doesn’t have to be boring, plain, and dowdy.

With inspirational images in mind, I dove into my closet to find something similar to Mrs. Obama’s outfit.

The result was a relatively simple outfit that carried a bit  elegance and grace. All I need to complete this outfit is a awesome brooch…and it’ll be perfect.

Outfit Details: Nordstrom cardigan XS, Gap wrap dress size 0 (European Fit), Payless heels, Vintage pearl necklace

The wrap dress is one of my great finds at Buffalo Exchange in July. For $15, this 100% silk sleeveless wrap dress from Gap’s Fall ’08 Collection begged to be bought. Usually, I can’t wear anything from Gap (unless it’s petite) because even their smallest sizes overwhelm my body. However, this dress in European fit fits me well. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the dress has a subtle pattern to it that I love and that works well with my frame. It also adds a bit of visual contrast from the white cardigan.

I’ve always heard that for petites, a wrap dress is a great asset, but I never understood why until recently. The belted sash hits a bit higher than my natural waist which elongates my leg line. It also creates a defined waistline while the V-neck shape elongates the neck. In addition, the slight A-line cut of the dress diminishes the look of a pear-shaped body into an hourglass. Overall, the wrap dress is a MUST HAVE for petites!

Now, I must search for more wrap dresses to update my work wardrobe.


2 Responses to “Channeling the First Lady”

  1. PetiteAsianGirl January 9, 2010 at 6:26 AM #

    You’re too cute! It’d be great if you find a wrap dress in a pretty print to seal the look. Also, as much as I love Michelle’s style, she is a whole generation ahead of us. I’ve been constantly trying to think of ways to keep my work style “young” yet classic, and it’s hard!

    • stylepint January 9, 2010 at 12:02 PM #

      She might be older, but some things are still classic enough to pull off. I’m still figuring out that balance to look age-appropriate because some work attire makes me look like I’m still playing dress up. At least I can lean on the more casual side of business casual since the dress code is pretty laidback.

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