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Wandering the Marina

13 Apr

I really want to improve my photography, so I took my film SLR for some scenic shots of Marina del Rey. Along the way, I persuaded my friend to bring their lovely Nikon D90 so I could play with it. I’m really craving a DSLR, but I haven’t saved up enough funds just yet. Unless I stop shopping the next couple of months, I’ll never reach my goal!

But anyways, I love stopping by Marina del Rey and watch the boats float by. It’s a very quiet and calm area of Los Angeles that really keeps to itself. From beaches, small trails, and boardwalks, I feel that this place is more of a local hangout than a tourist attraction, which is nice when you’re trying to avoid the crowds.

Outfit Details: Old Navy cami XS, Martin & Osa cardigan XS, GapKids superskinny jeans 14R (not shown), Steve Madden red flats (not shown), Colehaan Saddle Soft Satchel in Ginger Pearlized, Ray Ban sunglasses

Here are some of my shot with the DLSR:

Later that afternoon, we stopped by a Chinese restaurant for a bite to eat. It was tucked amongst a random slew of buildings and considering the current economic climate, a restaurant needs to be decent to survive, right? Well, I was wrong. It was way too over-seasoned for my palate and though I ended up taking half of the meal home, I had to modify the entrees to make it less…intense.

Disappointment isn’t easy to hide.


A Midnight Stroll

5 Mar

Some days, I just want to be outside and take a random walk through the streets of LA. I dragged some of my friends with me for a nighttime photo session down Abbott Kinney Blvd. They didn’t want me to post up their photos, so we’ll leave them out.

As we were walking around, we noticed that the atmosphere are night is much more calmer than it is in the day. You notice the oddities and disparities of the boutiques, cafes, and other stores. They’re all mish-mashed together in random order as if some time traveled to arrive at this street and others were transported from another part of the US.

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