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Review: Lucky Brand Jeans

29 Sep

I was looking for skinny jeans to try when I walked into Lucky Brand Jeans. It’s been a while since I went here since the sizes used to be big on me, but it’s probably changed so I went back to check it out.

The SA was really friendly, helpful…and what can I say, he’s cute. 😛

He picked out all the skinnies in 00/24 for me to try on. There were two cuts, the Zoe and the Lola.

The ZOE: Low rise. Slim fit. Skinny Leg.

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of grey skinnies every season, but I never purchased a pair since I couldn’t find the right look or fit. These Zoe Skinny Jeans were quite close to what I was looking for in grey skinny jeans.

In 00/24, the jeans fit well without any puckering or any waist gap. I felt that the wash was a bit too light for me and the length was too long since it has a 32″ inseam. I wouldn’t mind purchasing this style in a different wash and getting it hemmed since I like the look of the pants.

I tried another style of Zoe skinnies in 00/24 and I couldn’t even get them past my knees, so Lucky definitely has sizes for people with legs slimmer than mine.

THE LOLA: Mid rise. Curvy fit. Skinny Leg.

The next set of jeans I tried were the Lola Skinny Jeans. Since trying on pants at various stores, I realize that the Curvy fit works better on my body type. So I had high hopes for this cut.

In 00/24, the jeans fit well in the waist and hips. No excess puckering and no waist gap! I like the rise better than the Zoe since low rise pants make me wary that a muffin top might arise. These are the ankle length pants and they’re still really long on me.

The only thing I didn’t like about these jeans was the contrasting thread, but other than that, they were clear winners in my mind. I saw a pair of Lola skinnies that had matching thread but they didn’t have my size at the store.


Lucky Brand Jeans aren’t exactly petite friendly, but they do have small sizes in various styles and washes. Online they sell 30″ inseam pants too.

Zoe is low rise, slim fit, and works well for slim legged people. Lola is mid rise, curvy fit, and works well for thicker legs. There is some flexibility to both cuts so it’s best to try both and see what looks best.

The price points are similar to Banana Republic but I like the feel of the material a lot better than BR. It has that soft, broken-in feel to the jeans that make it comfortable to wear. So, if you’re looking for another retailer for jeans, Lucky Brand Jeans might be worth a try.