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It’s Just Another Day at the Office

2 Mar

Running around all day makes it difficult to sit down and write in a cohesive manner, but I’ll do my best.

I got an eye exam the other day and my prescription went down a little. It’s a good thing and I hope that whatever I did, it’ll continue decrease my myopia. Though I am hoping to get Lasik sometime in the near future, I figure I should wait until my eyes settle and see if they’ll be better on their own. I guess being out of college has some benefits!

Spring is on its way and I’m scrambling to get the most out of my winter wardrobe. I figured I should get some mileage out of my mom’s wool skirt before it gets too warm. It’s not often that I tuck the top into my skirt because I think it makes my torso look too short. But somehow, it works. And the skinny belt adds a necessary pop of color.

By the way, I got my D&G heels from the Decades Two sale this past summer. They had shoes ranging from size 5 to 10+. Usually, I go for size 6, but I stumbled onto this suede pair and magically they fit even though they’re 5.5. The heels run a bit narrow, but they’re quite comfy. I’ve been staying away from all things shoes because I don’t need any more shoes.

Here’s to a great start for March!

Outfit Details: Madewell cardigan XS, Nordstrom tank S, The Limited wool skirt 2 (mom’s), J.Crew skinny belt S (added hole), J.Crew herringbone tights S/M, Burberry tote, Dolce & Gabbana suede pumps


Troubling Trousers

10 Feb

I’ve been looking for a great slim-cut trouser for quite some time, but either I haven’t found one in my size or it’s out of my price range. To me, slim-cut pants makes work attire more stylish than the traditional trouser. Then again, I’m not a fan of a regular suit. On me, the most basic suit can be described as follows:

button-down shirt + trouser pants + fitted blazer = little kid playing dress up

The culprit may partially be fit, but I think it’s also due to my childish face. Instead of basking in woe, I’ll make the best of what I’ve got: traditional trousers and loose-fitting chinos.

Both types of pants can have the same cut but the material is different. Most of the time, I’m on the more casual side of business casual, but I don’t want to look too informal. I personally don’t like khakis, so chinos provide a nice alternative.

Anyways, I got these J.Crew Favorite Fit Everyday Chinos in 00P and they feel like wide-leg pants. The waist is loose, but it sits well at the hip, so I’ll make do without alterations for now. Usually, I stock up items to take to the tailors so it’s one big trip instead of a bunch of little ones. In the future, I’d look into taking in the waist and slimming the leg.

Where do you shop to find your favorite trousers?

Outfit Details: Banana Republic Silk Floral Wrap top XS, J.Crew Favorite Fit Everyday Chinos 00P, American Eagle cardigan XS, Qupid nude booties

Petite Tips:

When wearing a light-colored loose leg trouser, it’s best to pair it with a slimmer or darker top. A wrap top opens up the neckline while the tie defines the waist. A shorter dark-colored cardigan streamlines the silhouette and keeps everything balanced. It’s easy to look overwhelmed in loose leg trousers, but as long as the rest of the outfit is fitted, it maintains the correct proportions.

My Latest Finds at J.Crew

3 Feb

I shouldn’t really be clothes shopping, but I do need a couple updates for my office attire. It’s so boring, I wanted something new. So, I ventured into J.Crew again despite knowing that things might not fit properly. The two things I wanted was the skimmer pant and the silk streamers top.

Petite Skimmer Pant

When I first saw these pants, I thought they looked great. A nice slim ankle length pant that’d be perfect for work. They came in 00p and I had to try them. On the model, it looks so nice, but what about on me?

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On the Coat Hunt

10 Dec

Looking for a great winter coat…in a color other than black, navy, or gray.

Every year, they always come out with some wonderfully colorful coats, but I never really found one I liked or that fit. The perfect coat should have smaller details like cuffs and collars to go with my smaller stature. I’m really drawn to double breasted styles, but it’d be perfect if it wasn’t. Also, the length should hit mid-thigh because if it was any longer, I’d have to wear it with heels all the time.

This time, I found a coat that I liked and it’s the one Nicole Richie wore. If it was only less than $200 I would’ve bought it by now.

I scoured a bunch of places and few had the styles or the colors I was looking for. It doesn’t have to red…but lately, I’m drawn more towards that color. It just makes the entire winter outfit look more cheery.

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