A Fall Wishlist Part 1/3

8 Sep

Since I put myself on a shopping ban for this month, I created a wishlist of outfits that I can see myself wearing.

It’s pretty tame, but the subtle details and pops of color reflect my personality. I tend to shy away from matchy-matchy accessories, opting for colors and materials that complement one another but still go together.

A basic work look with a blazer and trousers sounds boring, however, adding some jewel tones makes it visually interesting. There are several key elements that make this look modern, incorporating some trends without being over-styled.

  • Mix materials from wool to suede for 3D texture
  • Fitted/tailored pieces make the body look sleek and slim
  • High-waisted wide leg pants create a sophisticated silhouette
  • A blouse with a bateau neckline balances the body proportions
  • Minimal but vibrantly textured accessories ties it all together

Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters blazer, Urban Outfitters blouse, Theory trousers, Madewell brooch, Forever 21 cuff, Coach satchel, Fergie Tazed heels

Not only am I creating these outfits to pine over what I don’t have, I’m using them as templates.

I love wearing pants so the outfit above is definitely one I would wear. I have some similar items, so improvising an outfit based on this inspiration shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m looking forward to fall and I don’t mind the ban so far.

How about you readers?

What’s on your fall wishlist? What trends are you excited about?


6 Responses to “A Fall Wishlist Part 1/3”

  1. Kerry September 8, 2010 at 7:30 AM #

    I just picked up the September issues of Vogue and Elle in order to compose my fall wish list. I plan on using it as a template for a few new sewing projects.

    I really need a pair of dark gray/charcoal tailored trousers similar to the ones you posted above. And, for some reason, I feel the need for something animal print, even though I generally loathe animal print and I already own a tiger print “furry” mini skirt from Guess. I fear my Guess skirt is too skankalicious and not really sophisticated (the only time I ever wore it was when I was in a band and it was my ‘on stage’ outfit). I saw a gorgeous red/black leopard print sheath dress in Vogue (forget who made it but it was an advertisement) and I fell in love.

    • Stylepint September 8, 2010 at 8:16 PM #

      Fashion magazines make it much easier to decipher the new trends and it’s awesome that you’re using for your sewing projects! Animal print is awesome, but I tend to stick with more subtle pieces.

  2. PetiteLittleGirl September 8, 2010 at 6:58 PM #

    I love everything about Fall. Therefore, I can never get enough of wool skirt/pants/jacket/boots. I love the outfit you have put together. Very chic and elegant!

    • Stylepint September 8, 2010 at 8:17 PM #

      I wish it was cooler in LA otherwise I’d embrace all that fall has to offer. I just don’t get enough use out of my boots and jackets, but I’m determined to make it work this season! =)

  3. sagemag September 10, 2010 at 7:49 PM #

    I just saw that Coach bag today. I want it in fuchsia!

    • Stylepint September 10, 2010 at 8:28 PM #

      It’s super cute, isn’t it? And the colors are so vibrant and happy! =)

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