Wohoo! Mini Vacation!

6 Aug

I got my computer fixed ahead of schedule! YAY!

This week, I went to visit my friend W. and his wife.

They’re having their first child and it’s amazing how slim W.’s wife looks. It’s like all the weight is centered on her belly and nowhere else! Before I left their house, W.’s wife gave me some candy.

It’s a Hi-Chew, but W.’s wife got it personalized in Japan. How awesome is that?

As for the weekend, I’ll be off to Lake Havasu, AZ for some much needed R&R. Since my friend’s family owns a cabin and a boat, my vacation expenses will be about $5o to pay for food, gas, and general maintenance.

The only purchase I needed for the trip was a pair of water shoes.

Since I’m pretty unfamiliar with this kind of footwear, I went to my local sporting goods store only to find them sold out in my size. Even the kid’s sizes were  unavailable. So, I went to the only other place where I know they’ll have water shoes…The Surplus Store.

The Army Surplus Store to be exact.

And lo and behold, I got water shoes for $13 in men’s size 1. It’s not very pretty, but it does the job, especially since we’re going cliff jumping!

I’ve never been to Arizona, so this will be a new experience and I hope it’ll be every bit as fun as we planned. Supposedly, we’re going to be doing a lot of water sports this weekend and I’m excited since the last time I went water skiing was when I was 12!

Happy Friday!


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