Closing the Door to Banana Republic

23 Jul

When I got my Banana Republic credit card four years ago, I was super excited to enter the working world and pick up a new wardrobe to match. I almost made to Luxe status but I kept returning things that prevented me from upgrading to that level. After a while, I got settled with my clothing choices and slowly tapered off my purchases.

Since I haven’t been using the BR card regularly, the credit line has been gradually reduced and since my last purchase was in February, clearly BR and I have parted ways.

Like a ex that you still Facebook-stalk, I would window shop at the B&M store, check the new arrivals online, and put items in my shopping cart only to close the browser before proceeding to the checkout. Banana Republic…you were good to me, but it’s time to tie up the loose ends. I won’t be going to the B&M store or the website anymore, though I will still keep in touch with your cousins…GAP and Piperlime occasionally.

Yesterday, I officially closed my Banana Republic card.

I know, Banana Republic is a petite lifeline since they’re one of the few retailers that sell petite-specific work apparel. But my style is no longer in line with what BR is selling and I don’t really need basic wardrobe staples anymore.

It’s time to cut my losses and let go.

Goodbye Banana Republic.


4 Responses to “Closing the Door to Banana Republic”

  1. Ping July 23, 2010 at 8:02 AM #

    It’s sad, but I definitely agree with you. It’s been probably over a year since I have purchased anything from BR. I have bought a few basic tanks here and there, but nothing note worthy. I look on their site & visit their stores all the time, but have failed to purchase. Nothing has been amazing or remotely decent.

  2. PetiteAsianGirl July 23, 2010 at 8:15 AM #

    Are there any benefits to closing your card, credit wise? Many of my retailer cards are store cards only and don’t even show up on my credit report (BR being one of them, I believe). My saks card automatically closed after inactivity in one year.

    I keep my BR card because the bf likes Gap, also they are rather generous with the rewards. My YTD spending at all their stores is less than $200 but I’ve gotten at least $40 in rewards…strange!

    • Stylepint July 23, 2010 at 3:57 PM #

      There are no benefits (credit wise) in closing a store card, but it doesn’t hurt either, especially if you have other cards with a longer credit history and good standing. I canceled it for a couple of reasons aside from what I mentioned in the post.

      I don’t particularly like receiving letters from the parent credit card company about the reductions in my credit limit since it makes me feel like I have bad credit (but I don’t). Plus, I don’t like having more than one “semi-active” account and since I had a few questionable transactions lately, I’m extra vigilant about my credit cards. So to me, closing the BR card is a good option. Since I have other cards to maintain a strong credit score and history, I doubt my score will change significantly.

  3. Elle Sees July 24, 2010 at 1:12 PM #

    I’ve never shopped there! Isn’t that weird? But I shop at Gap and Old Navy, so I still support BR in a way…

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