Foodie-Ville: June Budget

2 Jul

This month, I paid more attention to how much I was spending on groceries.  In May, I spent a total of $391.01, with $130.61 on groceries and $260.40 on eating out.

This month, I did better on the grocery budget. I made a wheat brioche that tasted pretty good.

I bought cheese and two bottles of wine and was only about $5 over budget. Though, my sister left me with a bag of food from her apartment so that cushioned me for a few days.

June Total: $330.69

  • Groceries:$104.84
  • Eating Out: $225.85

Overall, I am $80.69 over budget, but it was due to two unexpected dinners.

First of all, one of my best friends broke up with her longtime boyfriend and I had dinner with her to make sure she was alright. So that was a an extra kick in the bucket, but it was necessary.

Second, I had an impromptu invite to my friend’s going away party since he’s heading off to law school. We went to a place he always wanted to go, Fogo de Chao, all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ. It cost me $73 just for myself, but perhaps the highlight of the evening was having Barry Bonds sitting next to us.

Here’s my friend’s surreptitious shot:

The food and service was amazing, but I wouldn’t really return again since it’s so expensive.

Next month should be better and I’ll need to scale back on the eating out once again. Another friend is leaving for medical school soon, so there will be another going away party…I hope it’s not another $70+ meal.


2 Responses to “Foodie-Ville: June Budget”

  1. Ping July 2, 2010 at 10:38 AM #

    you know whats funny…i been to fogo de chao in LA! not sure if they have more than on location. it was so good and i stuffed my face like crazy. i saw someone famous too…the guy from clueless and now hes on scrubs…donald something? i would go back there if there was one close to SF.

    • Stylepint July 2, 2010 at 1:09 PM #

      That’s awesome, guess it must be a celebrity hotspot! Fogo has a few other locations, but there’s only one in CA and it’s in LA.

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