Foodie-Ville: Anisette Brasserie

24 Jun

I don’t usually eat at the Santa Monica Promenade but since I made a chain restaurant ban last month, my friend and I decided to stop by Anisette Brasserie for a bite.

It looked fancy  and intimidating from the outside but inside, the staff was friendly and the customers were casual. We came at that awkward time between lunch and dinner, so it was quite empty.

I saw that the second floor has a open kitchen, perhaps next time, I’ll get to see what they’re cooking.

I’m a sucker for good bread and the brioche in the bread basket was quite tasty. There’s something about warm buttery bread that makes my heart skip a beat.

Plus, they have a juicy duck confit. The vegetable and condiment flavors were perfectly paired with the savory duck. And who can forget the delicious glacé? The lavender aroma and the fresh strawberries create a truly decadent dessert.

What is it about French cuisine that seems to elevate such simple ingredients into small masterpieces?

The bread and butter – hearth bread + brioche

Duck Confit with seasonal vegetables

Vacherin Glacé – Lavender Ice Cream, Strawberries, and Chantilly Cream

Though this was an expensive meal, it’s worth it and I have to come back to try the oyster bar and the absinthe.

If I could eat like this everyday, I’d be fat for sure, but I’d be so happy.


One Response to “Foodie-Ville: Anisette Brasserie”

  1. PetiteXXS June 24, 2010 at 5:36 PM #

    Mmmm… looks yummy! 🙂

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