Review: Fred Flare – Amelia Top

18 May

Taking some cues from Emma Pillsbury from Glee, Zooey Deschanel, and all other retro-styled characters/celebrities, I decided to take my chances and create a look that nods to the past while maintaining a contemporary and modern aesthetic.

I saw this adorable button back Amelia top at and thought it would make a great addition to my wardrobe. It’s in a print, not low-cut, and has a nice matte look to it that caught my eye.

In XS, it fits well overall without any strange bunching or sagging.

The Amelia top itself has a vintage-inspired aspect that keeps it interesting without going overboard.

A small cap-sleeve style shoulder accentuates the shoulder without making it appear like a linebacker’s. Instead of an awkward side zipper like many blouses, there are hidden buttons running down the length of the back. These little details makes the blouse so charming.

I’m happy that I stumbled upon this blouse since it’s different from what I’ve encountered at major petite retailers. It has a je ne sais quoi that I have yet to find elsewhere.

Outfit Details: Many Belles Down blouse (from – XS, The Limited wool skirt – 2 (mom’s), Old Navy cropped swing coat – XS, J.Crew skinny belt – S, Payless peeptoe wedges, DIY necklace (gift from friend)

I came across Fred Flare a while ago while searching for kitschy gifts and accessories. It has random gift ideas but its clothing selection is small yet trendy. It’s a bit difficult to gauge the quality since the items are created by other brands, so it depends on the brand themselves for quality control.

I took a chance with Many Belles Down because their aesthetic appeals to me. Sure, I didn’t know the brand when I purchased this top, but now, I can check out their website and discover similar items that they manufacture.


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