Foodie-Ville: Jin Patisserie

8 May

I have been waiting FOREVER to go inside this cute little patisserie.

After several weeks of pining, I took a quick detour down Abbott Kinney to pick up a box of Parisian macaroons to go since I didn’t have much time to spend there. I have tried macaroons twice before and both times were disappointing. Either the crust was too hard or the macaroon was too sweet…I was desperately hoping that Jin Patisserie would turn it all around.

I heard amazing things about their macaroons and they have so many great things, I can’t wait to try them all.

The Box of 12 Macaroons

This past week, I’ve been trying out the different flavors from this box set. Since I’m not really a sugary sweets person, I can only handle two a day. So far, I’m in LOVE!

The macaroons are light, delicate, sweet, and the flavors are subtle yet recognizable. They have 10 flavors in total, so I ended having a double of Vanilla and Raspberry, which is totally fine with me. Compared to the other two places I’ve visited, the macaroons at Jin Patisserie is perfection…I don’t think I need to search for a better place. If you’re ever in LA, you have to try these! =)

They also serve afternoon tea which looks so quaint and picturesque, I really must set aside some time for that as well!


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