Walking into Couture

27 Jan

The Spring 2010 Couture collections are out!

I love couture collections because they display many dressmaking techniques that we wouldn’t normally see. Some pieces may look impractical and some are works of art. It takes great skill as well as a masterful design to create these collections. I really do appreciate and respect all the couture houses even if they don’t always appeal to my personal tastes.

Dior is my ultimate couture designer and John Galliano is amazing because all the photos of his collection are like works of art! Chanel and Givenchy are my second favorites because they display their signature style in such creative ways without losing their voice. The rest of the couture designers each have a distinctive voice that is clearly conveyed through their pieces. I don’t always “get” their message or source of inspiration but they are good at what they do.

Couture makes me want to be a better seamstress and create garments as beautiful as the ones on display.

Here’s my top two from each designer:

Alexis Mabille

Anne Valérie Hash

Armani Privé

Continue on to see more from Chanel, Dior, etc.


Christian Dior



*All photos from Style.com


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