Review: Flip Mino HD

20 Jan

I got this nifty little gadget as a belated Christmas present…

It came as a complete surprise and the perfect ending of a perfect day.

I had been thinking about a camcorder for quite some time. For the past couple years, I volunteered at a couple of film festivals and was amazed how some low-budget films could look and rival ones with ten times their budget. After speaking to a few aspiring actors, cinematographers, and directors, I was inspired to make my own short films and clips. But it never came to fruition as real life got in the way of fantasy. So when I received this gift, it totally made my day and it re-ignited that little flame for video-making.

Anyways, continue on to read what I think about this pint-sized piece of technology!

….I love it!

Unsponsored Personal Review

Sleek, compact, and lightweight…this video camera is good for very simple video-taking tasks. The high definition quality beats my Canon Powershot camera’s video quality like no other. But it’s not as crisp as a real HD video camera that that professionals use for movies, TV, etc.

Like a simplified point-and-shoot camera…this is the Flip MinoHD. There are no adjustable settings for white balance, filtering effects, or size resolution options. It’s a plug-and-play kind of device since the USB is mounted right onto the camcorder. The USB fits into all my USB ports without much struggling, but a bit of jiggling helps because it’s a real snug fit.

The zoom features are fairly sensitive and when you touch them during recording, there is a visible jerk in the finished footage. If you want to move the camera in any direction (panning), do it slowly to avoid blurriness or unsteady movements. The sound quality is decent, though it’s best to speak up. As for color quality, it definitely depends on the lighting, but it does seem a bit muted. Overall, if you want to film something quick and easy…this is great but not perfect.

Anyways, the best way to get the most out of this camcorder is to put it on a tripod for steady video streaming and do whatever you want in front of it.

I’m still practicing with it, but maybe some vlog posts are in the future!

*Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored personal review and I have no affliation of association with the company that makes the Flip.


2 Responses to “Review: Flip Mino HD”

  1. Alterations Needed January 20, 2010 at 9:04 AM #

    It’s so cute! If I ever get brave enough to do video blogging…this is exactly what I would get. Have fun with it! I hope to see some video’s up soon!

  2. Elaine, clothedmuch January 20, 2010 at 10:00 PM #

    That’s awesome!!!! I don’t know much about cameras or recording.. That’s what my husband is good at! lol! But that’s great you got a flip cam. My MIL has been wanting to get one forever!

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