Food Role Model

31 Dec

This week is still food related posts.

I’ve discovered a role model for Chinese food…it’s Ching-He Huang.

As I was searching through Youtube videos for Chinese recipes, I discovered this woman. Famous in the UK for her TV appearances and recipes, she reminds a bit of Giada. She creates simple, healthy, and easy dishes in a calm kitchen without smoke and mirrors. My favorite is her Chinese Food Made Easy series on BBC.

It brings me back to Food Network’s Next Food Network Star show. I was rooting for Debbie Lee and her Korean influenced cuisine. In the end, she wasn’t chosen because some of her ingredients were too exotic or hard to find in normal supermarkets. Chinese cuisine has the same obstacle, but I feel that it’s relatively easy to get around it. There are other alternatives to use and simpler versions of more intricate dishes.

I want to be a great cook someday.


One Response to “Food Role Model”

  1. MizzJ January 3, 2010 at 1:16 PM #

    Mmm her stuff looks great! Thanks for the heads up.

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