How Close is Too Close?

24 Dec

I love looking at fashion lookbooks. It gives me an idea of how to wear something or how to style it. But I try not to follow the photos too closely because I feel like it’s copying someone else’s style. Still, every so often, I find myself looking eerily similar to my inspiration.

Rodarte For Target

The Rodarte for Target collaboration made its way to the stores recently and I’ve seen many bloggers put up their latest purchases. Though the collab isn’t really my style, I admire the aesthetics from afar. Some of the pieces seem to be worn as standout pieces while others are easier to mix and match.

There are some who wear the collab pieces almost exactly like the lookbook photos and others mix and match the items in ways totally different from the brand’s presentation. I’m definitely on the lookout to see how people style that skeleton dress…that thing is a statement in itself!

I was just wondering…how close is too close when following a style, trend, or look?


One Response to “How Close is Too Close?”

  1. MizzJ December 25, 2009 at 4:41 PM #

    I think if you see someone wearing the same outfit as the lookbook then that’s too close, otherwise I feel it’s ok to “borrow” it… some lookbooks are so wearable it would be hard not to!

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