Fakin’ Your Height

21 Dec

Here are a couple of videos featuring some of my favorite petite artists. My friend once said that if you’re petite and you’re a singer, usually, the bigwigs make you look taller than you actually are…or they make you look super sexy…otherwise, you’ll just look like a little kid. I don’t fully agree, but I do notice the trend when I take a look at these artists.

Oddly enough, it is difficult to tell how tall these artists really are because they’re always wearing heels or they have optical illusions that make them look larger than life. I don’t mind, but it’s disconcerting when you meet them in real life.

Anyways, with these music videos as examples, I’ll be posting up a couple of tips on how to fake your height. If you’re ever on camera or plan to shoot a short film or music video…these might come in handy so you don’t give away how tall or short you might really be.

“Beautiful Liar” – Beyonce and Shakira

Shakira is only 4’11” and Beyonce is about 5’6″…that’s about a 7 inch difference. If you were to set them side by side, there would be a noticeable difference.

In this video, they do a very good job making both artists about the same height. There are a few scenes where you can definitely tell that Shakira is way shorter, but for the most part, you’d almost believe that they were about the same height.


  • Wear a floor length gown with super high heels or stand on hidden platform
  • Be in front of the taller person at a diagonal angle
  • When the other person is bending down, stand straight up

“Video Phone” – Beyonce and Lady Gaga

Another petite collaboration with Beyonce, but this time, it’s Lady Gaga. She’s about 5’1″ and they once again try to make this petite artist about the same height as Beyonce.

I don’t think they did as great a job as in “Beautiful Liar” because in some scenes, Beyonce looks like a giant and Lady Gaga is like a Lilliputian.


  • Shoot 3/4 length of your body
  • Have the other person wear shorter heels than you
  • Wear the same outfit as the other person to make it look that the outfits are the same size

“Candyman” – Christina Aguilera

To me, she’s the most vocally talented artist out there today…standing at 5’2.” I love the vintage pinup look that she has going in the video. To combat looking tiny when pitted with backup dangers, she clones herself! That way, all her “other” singers are exactly her height so it makes it harder to tell how tall she really is.


  • Double yourself so you don’t look short
  • Wear short skirts to show off your “long” legs
  • Shoot from a lower angle to make you look taller

One Response to “Fakin’ Your Height”

  1. MizzJ December 22, 2009 at 7:20 PM #

    Wow I had no idea Shakira was so short! You really can’t tell. Poor Beyonce, she must feel like such a giant all the time even though she’s not super tall herself!

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