Animated Movies that Inspire

17 Dec

Since I have some free time, I want to indulge in some movie-watching. But instead of the mainstream blockbusters out in theaters, I’m on the lookout for independent films with quality stories, great visual cinematography, and an entertaining cast. Sometimes, the best movies out there don’t get the recognition they deserve just because they don’t have major studio financial support. Some of my faves: Bella, Time Crimes, and Phoebe in Wonderland.

Lately, this is my new lookout video, it makes me want to take up the brush again and paint.

I saw “in the Attic” by Jiri Barta for free at the AFI FEST back in November. It’s so amazing and I wish that more people would check it out and finance his films! He’s really creative about his use of materials and mixed media to convey a dynamic and interesting visual landscape throughout the film. Sure, it’s in another language and you gotta read subtitles, but it’s worth it!


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