On the Coat Hunt

10 Dec

Looking for a great winter coat…in a color other than black, navy, or gray.

Every year, they always come out with some wonderfully colorful coats, but I never really found one I liked or that fit. The perfect coat should have smaller details like cuffs and collars to go with my smaller stature. I’m really drawn to double breasted styles, but it’d be perfect if it wasn’t. Also, the length should hit mid-thigh because if it was any longer, I’d have to wear it with heels all the time.

This time, I found a coat that I liked and it’s the one Nicole Richie wore. If it was only less than $200 I would’ve bought it by now.

I scoured a bunch of places and few had the styles or the colors I was looking for. It doesn’t have to red…but lately, I’m drawn more towards that color. It just makes the entire winter outfit look more cheery.

First, I tried the BB Dakota Rue Royale coat from fredflare.com in XS.

When I put on the jacket, the sleeves were so long that I had to fold them up twice. The length isn’t terrible with heels, but it could be better. Also, on the model, the cut looks like an empire waist, but on me…it hits right above my waist, but not high enough to be an empire. If I took it to the tailor, I’d have the sleeves slimmed, the body taken in, reduce the flared bottom, and maybe shorten the overall length. Here’s what it looked like on me:

View from the Front

View from the Side

After much thought, I decided to return it and keep looking for the “perfect” coat.

I’ve been eyeing the Via Military Coat from Victoria Secret in XS for a long time. When I wanted to get it, they ran out of XS…but now they restocked it, so I’m checking it out! It’s on its way to my door…and hopefully, it’ll fit better.

But if I really cannot find one…I might have to resort to J.Crew and splurge for this Petite Double-cloth Ingenue Coat.

Anyways, where are some good places to find a nice wool coat for under $200 that would fit a petite?


2 Responses to “On the Coat Hunt”

  1. MizzJ December 13, 2009 at 12:57 PM #

    Hmm it could be hard to find a good wool coat for less than that. I figure since it’s going to be something you’ll wear for a few seasons, then it’s worth it to splurge for quality! I like the J Crew one best! The Fred Flare didn’t look too bad on you, although yes the sleeves were too long.

    • stylepint December 13, 2009 at 6:47 PM #

      Thanks for the advice! I might have to get the Jcrew one, but I’ll hold off for now.

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