Hand in Hand

2 Dec

While sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, I had a chance to catch on some fashion mag reads. In December Elle, there was an article on Kate Spade and the Hand in Hand collection.

Kate Spade partnered with Women for Women International to help women in Bosnia rebuild their lives after the war. Since 2005, they have worked to train women and created jobs for them at Kate Spade. According to Elle, Kate Spade currently has 300 Bosnian employees and pays these women $7-$15 per piece created, which is double the salary for the same kind of work in the region. This season marks the first collection of the partnership, the Hand in Hand collection.

The winter wear accessories are hand-knitted by women in Bosnia and prices range form $95-125 for scarves, mittens, hats, and dog sweaters. The accessories are bright, colorful, and have that Kate Spade charm we all love. If you’re planning to purchase winter accessories in the $100 range anyway…why not go Kate Spade?

My only question remains: How does paying someone $7-$15 an item get marked up to $95-$125 for retail?


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