A Chic Carry-On

30 Nov

Thanksgiving weekend has come to an end, but the holidays are still in full swing as many will be traveling to visit their friends and family. Usually, the luggage industry pumps out boring suitcases that make it difficult to spot your own when it’s mixed up with everyone else’s suitcases. A few have made the effort to make it interesting…but I usually spot them in Asia.

However, Revo has a great carry-on option. The 20″ Glide Twister Carry-On is sleek, colorful, and so easy to use! It comes in four colors: black, lavender, red, and zebra. My parents came back from Hong Kong last week with the Zebra style…it’s so cute! I decided to “borrow” it on my way back to LA and got a lot of compliments. It definitely stands out, but it’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver down the narrow airplane aisle.

They also have check-in size luggage that looks just as amazing, but with more architectural details. I might have to consider getting a set since I hate having to switch my luggage with someone else because they didn’t read the tags.

The Revo suitcases are going on my wishlist!


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