We’ve All Got Our Junk…and My Junk is You

24 Nov

This weekend, I finally got to see Spring Awakening!

I heard about Spring Awakening when it first arrived in Broadway, but I never got a chance to see it over there. It won a lot of Tony Awards and it deserved it! With catchy beats, controversial topics, and teen angst…how can you not love it? It’s along the lines of Rent in terms of content and sexuality, though cast with many talented young actors. Spring Awakening is a coming of age story of a group of teens discovering sexuality and the consequences of their actions.

It’s interesting how a play written in 1891 is still very relevant in today’s society. We still deal with the same issues and often, in the same manner as well. Spring Awakening makes you think about the ones we leave behind, the ones society condemns, and the ones that dare disturb the universe. It’s my newest musical love!

What did I wear to this musical?

Since I went to the matinee show, I wanted something warm, yet, day appropriate. Something fun, youthful, and interesting.

I really wanted to wear a colored stocking because it’s different and unexpected. Although, my shawl looks like a regular sweater, in fact, it’s just a scarf! I love this outfit and I’m thinking of more styling choices to go with colored tights.

  • Forever21 Braided Tank ($7)
  • Nordstrom Opaque Tights ($6)
  • ArdenB Bandage Skirt ($20)
  • WeSc Forest Green Scarf as Shawl ($20)
  • Valentino Satin Green Peeptoe Pumps ($100)
  • Green Chunky Necklace (gift)

It was wonderful that I got to wear my lovely Valentinos from the DecadesTwo sale in the summer. They are comfy and super pretty. The only downside was that my tights got snagged on the rhinestones of the heels but still, I love my shoes!


One Response to “We’ve All Got Our Junk…and My Junk is You”

  1. Letterhead Printing | UPrinting.com November 27, 2009 at 10:50 PM #

    Oh, we couldn’t see the rhinestones on the heels! Love the color of the shoes. And the scarf that looks like a sweater is so convenient. šŸ˜€

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