How Faux Will You Go?

5 Nov

It doesn’t get too cold over here to bust out a fur coat, but I’ve seen a couple who are wearing fur vests. Made more famous by Rachel Zoe, the fur vest is back with a vengeance.

Traditionally, the fur comes from real animals…but lately, I’ve seen a lot of faux fur vests. They are quite lovely if the materials are of a higher quality. Some of the ones from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 are not pretty…they remind me of  cheesy mascots and furries. Rachel Zoe has a QVC line of faux fur apparel, which I think would be of a higher quality than fast fashion stores…but I haven’t seen it up close.

Fur Vest

Many people promote the benefits of faux fur as an alternative to real fur (PETA would be proud). However, how far will you go for faux materials? Yes, we have traded in our furs for faux. But would you be willing to part with your snakeskin shoes, silk tops, leather handbags, and cashmere scarves?

There are plenty of faux material designers out there…under the term “vegan”. The quality and the closeness in imitation depend on the designer and where they get their materials. Obviously, some stores are better than others and personally, I’d have to see it and feel it to know if it’s real or faux. Sometimes, I can’t tell the difference. Does it really matter if you have something real or faux?

Here are some faux material alternatives:

  • Leather: PVC, polyester, cotton, vegan leather
  • Fur: faux fur materials, acrylic fiber, cotton blend
  • Silk: rayon, nylon, polyester, or wild silk
  • Wool: cotton, flannel, polyester fleece, and synthetic shearling

One Response to “How Faux Will You Go?”

  1. Print Postcards November 9, 2009 at 7:30 PM #

    I would much rather prefer wearing faux fur. Isn’t it enough that people are killing snakes and other animals for leather or snakeskin that they still have to kill dogs or rabbits? I say, go faux. 🙂

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