Back to Basics

27 Oct

A good foundation is paramount to having a solid house. The same goes with building your wardrobe.

You may have the best clothes in the world, but without good foundation garments, it can look sloppy. From droopy chests to VPLs, we all could use a little extra help sometimes.

In the world of petites, there are some petite departments, but even fewer petite lingerie stores. For typical petite stores, the bra sizes are usually in the 32A and 32B range. Just because we’re petite doesn’t mean we don’t have a bust! I guess it’s a misconception that goes along with clothing sizes. Some people have suggested that I should go to a custom bra-fitter, but the prices that go along with that have always kept me away. Anyways, online shopping has provided a way to get great bras at decent prices without going to a custom bra-fitter. I’d love to try on something before I buy it, but for bras, I’ll have to go online.

In a brick and mortar store, I usually found myself getting size 32 bras, but the band is too big and sometimes, so are the cups. The closest to perfection I’ve found were size 32s from Calvin Klein, but I probably had a fat moment when trying them on because they still ride up the back. So going to a physical store is a pretty futile situation for me and and finally I resorted to an online retailer.

figs is amazing! It has a wide selection of bras in many different sizes from super small to extra large and with reasonable prices.They have a UK site and a US site, so if you want to avoid an exchange fee, make sure you use the right site. FYI, some styles are only available on the UK site or the US site and not both. But the UK site ships internationally, so it doesn’t matter too much.

When I first tested it out , I ended up returning the items because I didn’t know what size I really was. I had the right band size, but the cups were too small. So, I tried a second round and I ordered the same size (30C) but from different companies. I got the figleaves brand, Just Peachy, Calvin Klein, and Chantelle.

  • Figleaves $18 (£12)


As one of the cheapest brands on the site, it’s pretty well made. I got the smooth and lace padded bra. It fits perfectly, the band is pretty snug at the largest setting, the cup size surface area is smaller than average, and it’s super comfortable. Perfect for petites. The unpadded version just that…unpadded…it’s pretty sheer and only a thin layer of fabric between you and your shirt.

  • Just Peachy $18 (£12)


Another cheap brand…the padded plunge bra is well constructed. The band fit well at the largest setting, but the cups were slightly larger than the figleaves one. There were gaps in cups for me and I ended up returning this one.

  • Calvin Klein $50 (£30)


A mid-range purchase, though it’s probably the most I would pay for a bra, it’s decent. I got the T-shirt bra. It’s comfy, the band fits at the smallest setting, and the cups are well molded. Though, the cup surface area is a bit bigger than I expected, it does the job as a t-shirt bra. I saw later that has petite sizes, so I might have to check that out!

  • Chantelle $76 (£46)


For me, the Chantelle Icone T-shirt bra (multiway) counts as an expensive purchase. The higher quality of the bra is definitely noticeable. It fits on the smallest setting band, the cups fit perfectly, and the surface area of the cup is a bit larger than the figleaves, but smaller than the Calvin Klein one. Plus it can change into a racerback cross style.

After this round of bra shopping, I think figleaves is a good site and that there are others out there if you look around. Finding a bra that fits perfectly may take some time, but it’s definitely worth it. Also, finding a good bra doesn’t have to be expensive…my new favorite is the figleaves brand because it fits me so well everywhere…and it’s less than $20!

Other Resources for Size 30:

Figleaves $18 (£12)

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