History: Comme des Garçons

20 Oct

When I think avant garde, Comme des Garçons comes up as one of the few I remember off the top of my head. With interesting silhouettes, a play on proportions, and a cerebral take on clothing design, this label rocks the boat of fashion trends. So unique and different from other fashion houses, Comme des Garçons is on the cutting edge and has a singular perspective that few can attempt to recreate.

Highlights from Spring RTW ’09 Collection

How Did It Get Started?

Founded in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo in Tokyo, Japan, the label means “like the boys” in French. In 1981, Comme des Garçons debuted at Paris Fashion Week with a predominantly black palette, and a distressed style which contradicted the popular trends of the period. With their asymmetrical deconstructed tailoring, they go against the grain while playing with different expressions of body shape. They were a highly avant garde.

Highlights from Spring RTW ’10 Collection

How Is It Now?

Comme des Garçons have branched out from the monochrome black to utilize other colors, textures and patterns. The more recent collections are more mainstream while holding true to their signature designs. Also, they created their own line of unisex perfume with non-traditional scents and notes. As for stores, they have boutiques, department shop space, and “guerrilla” stores. The guerrilla CDG stores would be placed away from fashionable avenues in the cities to be open for a year with a tight budget for the interior design.

In addition to their own lines of apparel, accessories, and perfume, Comme des Garçons have collaborated with many companies, such as H&M. Due to the success of the company, designers Junya Watanabe and Tao Kurihara have created sub-labels under their own names and have gained much success.

Highlights from Fall RTW ’09 Collection

Personal Preferences:

Although I don’t really “get” most of the clothes, I do appreciate the beauty and the artistic expression that is so vividly shown through the collections. Some of their more realistically wearable pieces and collaborations are quite lovely. I especially love the checkered jacket/dress from the Fall RTW  ’09 collection. From afar, it looks pretty standard, but up close…it’s unique and interesting. The more I look at the Comme des Garçons collections, the more I like it. It’s an art piece and yet it’s clothing at the same time.


They create their own line of unisex perfume with non-traditional scents and notes. Also, they created guerrilla stores which would be open for a year and spend a minimal amount of money on the interior which would be located away from fashionable hubs in the cities.

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