Going Over the Wild Things

16 Oct


Today is the opening of the movie, Where the Wild Things Are and I’ve noticed that a huge marketing strategy is in effect. Everywhere you turn, you can’t miss it…

Where are the Wild Things? EVERYWHERE!!

At first, I saw a couple of items at Urban Outfitters…the standard items like printed tees and a few collaborations/inspirational pieces. The price points are still within U.O.’s typical range.


Printed Tee $28


Screen Print Pillow $32

But then Opening Ceremony blew everything out of the water with their “inspired by the film” clothing and accessories collection. Some of the outfits are stunningly beautiful and others are out of this world. I must say that the men’s collection is far superior to the women’s in terms of wearability, but that’s not going to stop people from buying these items. The price points are ridiculously high…but that’s what you get at Opening Ceremony. Sigh…can they ever make beautiful and quality things under $200?

I’d love to have the Max Suit for Halloween, but for over $500? No thank you. I’ll DIY it instead…Maybe.

Here are more of their “wearable” items…


Max Lined Parka $895


Ira Full Skirt $290


Max Suit $610


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